Guar Gum Powder – Guar Extracts & Guar Gum Powder Number

Cyamopsis tetragonolobus and psoralioides are the botanical forms of Guar plant whose seeds are processed to separate the endosperm from which Guar gum is obtained. These are leguminous plants and suitable for growing in all seasons including rainy season or in hot summer so, it is called annual plant. It is extracted from the endosperm of these seeds contains carbohydrate with high molecular weight. And this type of crop can be cultivated with good productivity in sandy soils. It is applied for its thickening property and this remains the main application of this product. The presence of edible carbohydrate polymer makes it suitable for adding as a reagent in hydrogen and mineral bonding and even in cellulosic surfaces. Guar gum powder is fine in texture and it stays white in color. Apart from that it is also coarse, ironic and free flowing in nature. This powder contains excellent thickening capacity and can show thickening property eight times higher than that of the thickening capacity of corn starch. For the same reason, it is extensively used in food processing applications. In addition, it is also used as an effective ingredient in milk products, baking mixes, dressings. Commercial and industrial usage includes applications in textile, paper manufacturing, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and printing.

Guar Extracts

Guar extracts are the Guar Split/Gum 28% (+/- 1% variance) extracts from the guar seed. The guar extracts include Churi and Korma 67% whose ratio again is dependent upon the quality of the seed.
  • Guar Gum Split/Gum extracted from the processing is further refined to guar powder.
  • Churi and Korma are used for cattle feed

Guar Gum Powder Number

HS-Code : 130.232.30
21 Code of Federal Regulation : 184.1339
CAS No. : 9000-30-0
EEC No. : E412
BT No. : 1302.3290
EINECS No. : 232.536.8
Imco-Code : Harmless

Guar Gum Powder Applications

Guar Gum Powder in Food IndustryFood Industry
Guar Gum in PharmaceuticalPharmaceutical
Guar Gum Ecuadorian CultureEcuadorian Culture
Guar Gum Powder for CosmeticsCosmetics