Guar Gum Powder (Organic Guar Gum Extracts and Guar Gum Powder Applications)

The agricultural forms of the plants of Guar are Psoralioides and Cyamopsis tetragonolobus. The Organic Guar gum is derived when the seeds of this plant are being processed and separated from the endosperm. These plants are also known as a once-a-year plant because they can be grown even in the monsoon season or in the summer season and are the plant from leguminous family. These are derived from the seed’s endosperm which consists of heavy carbohydrates. Sandy soil is suitable for cultivating this kind of crop. This product is known because of the thickening characteristic and it also is its main implementation. The Guar plant is added as a reagent in mineral and hydrogen bonding as well as in cellulosic surfaces because they have an important component known as ingestible carbohydrate polymer.

The Organic Guar Gum powder has a great texture. The color of the guar powder is white. Along with that, the nature of the powder is even free-flowing, ironic, and coarse. It consists of outstanding capacity of thickening which is actually eight times more than that of the corn starch’s capacity. Which is why this powder is majorly used in the food manufacturing business. Furthermore, the powder is even utilized as an essential ingredient in dressings, milk powders, baking mixes. The organic guar gum powder has its industrial and commercial usage too which includes paper manufacturing, pharmaceutical, printing, cosmetics, and implementations in textiles.

The demand for ETO free Guar Gum Powder has popularly increased as it is widely used in many types of industries. In the food industry, it has played a major role and is extensively used as a food additive for stabilization. The global market of the food industry has changed tremendously and the increasing adoption of different lifestyles and preferences for food intake has played an essential role in the guar gum powder extravagancy. It has features like the ability of water retention, enhanced fibre content for texturizing and binding. There are many food items and cuisines where the guar gum powder is even used as a gelling agent and with the benefits of thickening, crystallization, and lending volume.

Organic Guar Extracts

Guar extracts are the Guar Split/Gum 28% (+/- 1% variance) extracts from the guar seed. The guar extracts include Churi and Korma 67% whose ratio again is dependent upon the quality of the seed.
  • Guar Gum Split/Gum extracted from the processing is further refined to guar powder.
  • Churi and Korma are used for cattle feed

Guar Gum Powder Number

HS-Code : 130.232.30
21 Code of Federal Regulation : 184.1339
CAS No. : 9000-30-0
EEC No. : E412
BT No. : 1302.3290
EINECS No. : 232.536.8
Imco-Code : Harmless

Guar Gum Powder Applications

Guar Gum Powder in Food IndustryFood Industry
Guar Gum in PharmaceuticalPharmaceutical
Guar Gum Ecuadorian CultureEcuadorian Culture
Guar Gum Powder for CosmeticsCosmetics