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Welcome to Agro Gums Guar Gum & Cassia Powder Manufacturer

– Guar Gum Manufacturer & Exporter since 1979

– 100% Export Oriented Unit Agro Gums is one of the leaders in business of acquiring processing and exporter of “GUAR GUM” in India from more than three decades. Having the State-of-the-art technology for processing Guar and Cassia. Guar and Cassia or water soluble polymer with microbiological purity for export globally. Our worldwide clientele belongs to countries like USA, UK, Canada and many more. Agro Gums manufactures international standard guar gum powder for use in various industries such as food, textile, paper, explosives, pharmaceutical, animal feed, mining and many other industries. Agro Gums is a leading supplier of Cassia Powder also that is manufactured from cassia seeds and cassia splits. Cassia powder is used in various industries especially to food industry as a thickening and gelling agent, health care, paints and exported to many countries. Agro Gums is a popular and proven brand for Guar gum, Cassia gum and powdered derivatives providing the high end product quality in terms of performance, precision, delivery and customer services with world class infrastructure and most affordable product pricing.


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Guar Splits
INR / KG 92.25
USD / MT 1431
USD / LB 3.15
Data as of 11:00 am India time on 28-Feb-18