Guar Gum Powder – Properties

The Guar gum when dissolved in water produces galactose, hexose sugar, and mannose. One quality of hexose sugars is that it can dissolve in hot water and cold water. The viscosity of the aqueous solution increases but when acid is brought into contact the viscosity or density of the fluid reduces. The strong acids which can cause hydrolysis and alkalies in strong concentration tend to reduce the viscosity. Borax addition will form a gelatine mass which can be used with starch agar and alginate. Agro Gums leads in the manufacture of high viscosity guar gum powder in the 3500 to 8000 CPS range.

The ETO free Guar Gum is a novel agrochemical processed from the endosperm of cluster bean. The gum beautifully dissolves in polar solvent on dispersion and forms strong hydrogen bonds. The rate of Ethylene Oxide free guar gum dissolution and viscosity development increases with decreasing particle size, decreasing pH, and increasing temperature. This along with its economical nature makes it very popular in the gum and stabilizer industry. Its inherent properties can also be seen as it has high tensile strength due to the gum’s linearity and high molecular weight. The factors that majorly affect the properties of the Ethylene Oxide free guar gum powder are its fat content, moisture level, granulation, gum content ratio, and ability to filter.

  • A few worth mentioning qualities is that it is highly soluble in hot and cold water.
  • It has filming properties and shows a lot of stability in solutions with ph values from 5 to 7.
  • It is used as excellent thickening properties and even when used in small quantities can give greater viscosity.
  • The water-binding capacity is excellent but it shows resistance to oil solvents.
  • Food combinations use the gum with various hydrocolloids.
  • A versatile product with several free hydroxy groups and even has efficient functionality even at low temperatures.

Guar Gum Powder Production Process

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