Guar Gum Powder – Properties

The guar gum when dissolves in water gives galactose, hexose sugar and mannose. The hexose sugars are soluble both in cold as well as hot water but cannot dissolve in most of the organic solvents. It’s viscosity increases in water. Therefore even smaller quantity of it when used with water can be effective in producing high viscosities. However this viscosity of this powder decreases with acids. The strong acids which can cause hydrolysis and alkalies in strong concentration tend to reduce the viscosity. Adding borax solution will form a gelatinous mass. It can be used with starch, agar and alginate. Agro Gums is a leading manufacturer offers high viscosity guar gum powder in 3500 CPS to 8000 CPS range.
  • It has excellent solubility with water. It can dissolve in both hot as well as cold water.
  • It has film forming properties.
  • It shows stability in solutions across a wide range of pH values from 5-7
  • Excellent thickening properties make it an efficient thickening agent.
  • Can give higher viscosity even in small quantity.
  • Shows resistance to oils, solvents and various greases.
  • Excellent water binding capacity.
  • Efficient functionality even at low temperatures.
  • Compatible with various hydrocolloids used in food formulations.
  • It can be used to make derivatives for specific applications because it is a versatile product with number of free hydroxy groups.

Guar Gum Powder Production Process

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