Guar Gum Powder – Packaging

Guar gum powder bulk packing is an important process and therefore given special attention at Agro Gums. Special attention is paid in packing the bulk guar gum products at Agro Gums. Packing is done by filling products in suitable bag-sizes with standard measures. Efficient packing to ensure product quality and safety during transit and storage is done at Agro’s manufacturing facilities.

Agro Gums provides Guar gum powder bulk products in flexible packaging sizes. Guar gum bulk are available in 800, 900 & 1000 kilo circular woven HDPE bags, 25 kilo HDPE bags and also are available in multi walled paper bags.

Various steps are taken from the processing of the guar gum powder to the packaging of the finished product to ensure a packaged delivery of the best food-grade that is completely free from any impurity. The packing and preserving are designed in such a way that they can bear different conditions and helps us deliver the superior grade guar gum powder which is used in a myriad of sustainable food industries. High-quality guar gum powder packing in the most hygienic conditions with the utmost accuracy is the offered range by us. Also, the flexible packaging of different sizes makes it very convenient to be shipped across anywhere.