Guar Gum – Food Grade Guar Gum Powder & Cassia Tora Powder Applications

Guar Gum Overview

Guar Gum which can be used as a thickener, stabilizer or emulsifier in the food and cosmetics industry is mainly obtained from the guar plant pods.Various different industries using guar gum include pharmaceuticals, textile, oil industry, paper industry and many more such industries. It plays an important roles like food thickener and binder, or as stabilizers. Organic Guar gum can be used as meat binding agents, and in dairy industries. It is used as stabilizers in cheeses, ice cream instant puddings or as whipped Orcream substitutes.For industrial applications in oil well drilling, ore floatation, paper and cloth manufacturing, explosive and many different applications. Guar gum plays important roles in different processes in the form of Hydrocolloids, Fracturing Agent, Natural Fiber, Natural Thickener, Bonding Agent, Emulsifiers, Flocculants, Soil Stabilisers, Gelling Agent, Stabilisers and many more.

Food & Feed Grade Guar Gum Powder

Agrogums offers a wide variety of organic guar gum food grade for different food industry. Food Grade Guar Gum Powder is an Organic guar gum powder which is used in food industries for food products as a thickeners, emulsifiers and stabilizers.

Guar Gum Powder Widely used in Food and Feed Industries

In Noodles : For improvement of form, texture& retention of moisture.
In Sauces and Dressing : To improve flow property and as a thickener & emulsion stabilizer.
In Pet Food : To improve the viscosity of pet food.
In Soups : As a stabiliser& thickener.
In Pastry Ices : To prevent excessive stickiness & absorption of free water.
In Meat : As a sausage binder, excessive water absorber, improving flow rate, prevent migration & separation.
In Beverages : To improve shelf life, control viscosity and improvement of mouth & body feel.
In Processed Cheese : As a stabiliser and for improvement of flavour& texture.
In Dairy/ Ice Cream Products : To provide creamy & smooth texture, prevent ice crystal formation & slow down melting
In Bakery Products : Improves retention of moisture, increases shelf life, and improves crumbs, structure & texture.
In Feed Pallet : Used as binding sources and give stable feces and increasing water quality.
In Cat Litter : In the production of cat litter, guar gum is used as a clustering/clumping agent. Guar gum improves the aggregating strength of silica gel and Bentonite in cat litter. It holds granules together and hardens clusters or clumps so they don’t disintegrate. Guar gum’s outstanding binding capability allows for efficient and easy waste disposal while also limiting microbial contamination in cat litter.

Industrial Guar Gum Powder

Agrogums also supplies guar gum powder for industrial utilizations in various different varieties. The Industrial Guar Gum powder can be used in industries like fire control, textile industries, painting, dyeing and printing. It plays major role in different industrial applications such as suspending agents, stabilizers or as a thickener for preparation of different products.

Guar Gum Powder Industrial Application

In Mining : For concentration, flocculation and better recovery of ores.
In Paper : For increase in folding& bursting strength, improvement in sheet formation, dense printing surface and better finishing.
In construction : For the purpose of waterproofing
In Explosives : Used for sludge aqueous explosives.
In Textiles : For resizing finishing
In Oil Well Drilling & Fracturing : For the purpose of controlling fluid loss & additives in the fracturing fluids.
In Oil Fields : For increasing oil & gas production rate also increment in oil recovery.As a synthetic polymer,surfactant and as a defoamer suited ideally for requirements of brine-based & water-based drilling fluids rheologically.
In Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics : For compressed tablet disintegration, tablet binder, toothpaste & shampoo thickner, viscofier& conditioner, mild laxative and soluble dietry fiber.

Cassia Tora Powder

Air Deodorizers : Used to prepare air freshening/deodorizing gels.
Artificial Foodstuff Additives : Used as a food additive ingredient.
Animal Feed Stuffs : As a thickener instead of Carob gum or Locust Bean Gum along with Xanthan gum/Carrageenan in wet canned pet foods.
Other Uses : Cassia powder after boiling shows high-viscosity & shows expansion in water.It is also used for the manufacturing of gels along with many other food applications. It plays an important role as an emulsifier, moisture retainer, stabilizer and thickening agent with the same ingredients like other natural gums used in the food industry.