Guar Gum – Guar Gum Powder & Cassia Tora Powder Applications


Guar gum, extracted from the pods of the guar plant, is widely used as an emulsifier, thickener, and stabilizer in food and cosmetics. Guar gum is used in food as a thickening and binding agent. It is also used in textile, paper, pharmaceutical, oil and many other industries. After refine process, Guar Gum is used in various industries: in the food industry as a stabilizer, in ice creams instant puddings and whipped cream substitutes, as a meat binder and a stabilizer for cheeses, in industrial applications including cloth and paper manufacture, oil well drilling, explosives, ore flotation and many other applications. Guar Gum is used as a Natural thickener, Emulsifier, Stabiliser, Bonding agent, Hydrocolloid, Geling agent, Soil Stabiliser, Natural fiber, Flocculant, Fracturing agent, etc.

Food Grade Guar Gum Powder

Agro gums offers a wide range of grade guar gum powder for food industries. It is used as stabilizers, thickeners and emulsifiers in food industries for foods and food products.

Guar Gum Powder Widely used in Food Industries

In Ice Cream/Dairy Products : Provides smooth and creamier texture, prevents formation of ice crystals and quick meltdown.
In Bakery Products : Improves texture, crumb and structure, increases shelf life, and improves moisture retention. It also increases dough yield, shelf life.
In Noodles : For Better sheet formation, as well as it improves moisture retention, texture and machine runnability, thereby increasing production.
In Pet Food : As a viscosifier.
In Pastry Ices : Absorbs free water as well as prevents excessive stickiness.
In Processed Cheese : Improves texture and flavour and use as Stabiliser.
In Beverages : Controls viscosity, improves body and mouth feel and also improves shelf life.
In Soups : For increase thickener and Stabiliser.
In Noodles : Improves texture, form and moisture retention.
In Meat : Use as a binder in sausages, it absorbs free water, improves flow rate, prevents separation and migration.
In Dressings and Sauces : For Thickener, emulsion stabilizer and improve flow properties.

Industrial Guar Gum Powder

The company supplies a wide range of industrial guar gum powders suitable for use in painting, printing, fire control, dyeing, and textiles. As a stabilizer, thickener and suspending agent Guar gum can also be used in industrial applications and preparations.

Industrial Application

In Construction : As waterproofing agent.
In Textiles : For sizing and finishing.
In Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals : As conditioner and viscosifier, thickener in toothpastes and shampoos, binder in tablets, to disintegrate compressed tablets and Mild laxative and soluble dietary fiber.
In Paper : For improved sheet formation, increased bursting strength, fold strength, denser surface for printing and to get better finish.
In Oil Field : For increase the production rate of oil and gas. The use of guar gum increases the oil recovery. Guar gum is used as a surfactant, synthetic polymer and defoamer ideally suited for all rheological requirements of water-based and brine-based drilling fluids.
In Oil well drilling and Fracturing : As Fluid-loss controlling agent and additives in fracturing fluids.
In Mining : For concentration of ores and flocculation and better recovery.
In Explosives : As water binding agent for aqueous slurry explosives.

Cassia Tora Powder

Pet Food : It is used as thickening agent in place of Locust Bean Gum or Carob Gum, in conjunction with Carrageenan or xanthan gum for wet canned pet food.
Air Fresheners : It is used in making air freshener gels.
Food Additive : It is also used as a food additive.
Other Applications : Cassia Tora powder is very useful in the manufacture of gels in combination of other colloids and has potentially many food applications. Cassia powder swells in water and forms high-viscosity aqueous colloids after it is boiled. It is used as a thickening agent in pet food and other technical applications (e.g. emulsification, foam stabilization, moisture retention and texture improvement) at concentrations comparable to those of other edible natural gums.