Guar Churi

What is Guar Churi?

While manufacturing Guar split, germs and husk are get separated and these are protein rich used in feeding the cattles are called as Guar Churi, which has very high demand in domestic as well international market. Germs contains 50% oil and albuminoids (O&A), husk contains 50% O&A.


The high level of protein in Guar Churi (40% protein which is two times more than the protein in guar seeds) and digestive content helps the animals like cows and buffaloes to have good energy source and digestive content good for their health. These animal feed is useful to increase fat in milk as well the quantity of milk also can be improved with Guar churi. It is considered a valuable by product of guar gum industry that is generated after gum extraction and also known as guar germ. 40% protein in Guar Churi is well comparable with Corn Gluten Meal.

Guar Churi is rich in proteins and carbohydrates are useful in food preparation for fish and poultry industries.

Agro Gums is a leading manufacturer, exporter, supplier and trader of Guar Churi provides it as the most affordable rates. Our production facilities follow the stringent international standards of manufacturing Guar churi, which is a by product.

Guar Churi

APPEARANCE : White Fine Powder
MOISTURE : 6.00 – 7.50%
ASH : 4.00 – 5.00%
PROTEIN : 38.00 – 40.00%
FAT : 5.00 – 7.00%
FIBER : 7.00%
SILICA : 0.00 – 1.50%