Fast Hydration Guar Gum Powder – Specifications

Physicals and Chemicals

Color:Off White / Ceramist.
Mesh:200 Mesh retain 01%.
Texture:Fine powder soluble in water.
Ash:01.00% Max.
Protein:05.00% Max.
Moisture:10.00% Max.
Gum (By Diff):82.00% Min
P.H.:5 to 7

Fann Viscosity

Viscosity at 2% KCL Solution, with 0.48% Solution of Guar Gum Powder at FAN 35 Viscometer after minutes on 300 RPM at 25 C (stirring at 1500 RPM for two & half minutes in warring blender)

 Grade – 1Grade – 2Grade – 3
3 minutes31 cps min35 cps min38 cps min
5 minutes33 cps min37 cps min42 cps min
30 minutes35 cps min39 cps min46 cps min
1 hours36 cps min40 cps min47 cps min