BRCGS Certificate

The Isoqaur Alcumus Certification is one of the most accredited, recognized, and respected certifications concerning the scope of activities carried out by Agro Gums. It vouches for the processing as well as the primary packaging in line with the directives and aligns with the quality control and the product safety of the Guar Gum manufactured. This internationally recognized certification helps consumers to stick to reliable food-grade guar gum and its further applications. This translates to our participation in quality management of the various processes as well as our ability to provide products and services that meet the client as well as the statutory needs.
Agro Gums has successfully received A+ BRCGS (Brand Reputation Compliance Global Standards) accreditation for Food Standard in the category of 15 – Dried food and ingredients, certified from ALCUMUS ISOQAR Limited for producing guar gum powder and packaging it in HDPE poly woven paper bags, multi-layered paper bags with an inner LDPE liner, and fabric laminated jumbo bags.
Visit https://directory.brcgs.com/site/1180509 for more information.

FSMA Preventative

The FSMA preventive guidelines ensure steps that are taken by Agro Gums to eliminate food safety hazards. It is mandated by the 2011 FDA Food safety modernization act. It aims to introduce a validated microbiological kill much earlier in the supply chain to ensure thorough preventive controls. The Guar gum and other products manufactured is naturally a sustainable product and the FSMA preventives adhere to the safety of the source of ingredients as well as conforming to the fact that the supply chain of the guar gum powder and other products manufactured by Agro Gums is robust and secure. It ensures that the guar gum fits the clean label and Non – GMO criteria and is minimally processed.

ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

Having an ISO 9001: 2015 Certification implies the regulatory requirement that the Guar gum, cassia gum and its allied products are safe and of proper quality before they are released in the consumer market. It is vital that there is no scope of any contamination and this standard is recognized worldwide and helps Agro Gums in improving and monitoring all areas of business. With these certifications, it is ensured that there is a more reliable production of guar gum as well as its production scheduling and delivery. Agro gums via this certification provide an assurance that the management systems are constantly assessed and approved.

ISO 14001:2015 Certificate

The ISO 14001: 2015 Certification aids in setting standards to clarify the best practices by adopting an effective environmental management system. Over time the need for protecting the environment has evolved and this tool has been increasingly utilized to reduce any kind of pressure on environmental impacts and resources systematically. We have adopted this as a practice and with the production of the most versatile and natural guar gum, we have also adopted a framework that focuses on the processes which also result in waste reduction and energy conservation. Good environmental practices strengthen our efficiency and enhance the name we have earned in the global market.

OHSAS 18001

ISO 45001

Kosher Certificate

Dietary consciousness has long been valued in the Jewish population. Kosher’s fundamentals are laid out in the Five Books of Moses and are deemed Divine Will. Rabbis have always emphasised the importance of their role in the preservation of Jewish culture. Kosher is considered good for the soul in the same way that a healthy diet is beneficial to the body.

Kosher observance is an integral part of a Jew’s everyday life. Meat, dairy, and Pareve foods are the three types of kosher food products. The category, Pareve refers to foods that are neither meat nor dairy but can be consumed with both. This means they don’t contain any meat or dairy derivative products, and they haven’t been cooked or combined with almost any dairy and meat products, and they don’t contain any meat or dairy derivatives. Unlike meat or dairy foods, pareve foods have fewer kosher complications.

The Kosher certificate is issued by certification agencies and Chief Religious Establishment in which a Rabbi authenticates that the goods in question (usually food stuffs) adhere to the Jewish religion’s principles. Users can rest easy knowing that the product and its production adhere to all Kosher Law requirements.

Halal certificate

Halal is an Arabic term that means “allowed.” A Halal-certified commodity is one that is morally acceptable or appropriate under Islamic law. A Muslim is responsible for ensuring that any food eaten (or any business conducted) in their regular lifestyle is hygienic, safe, and not harmful to their wellness or well-being. Halal encourages clean environment in all dimensions of one’s life and has become the new standard of excellence.

The Halal certificate certifies that goods sold to Muslims are in line with Islamic law and thus safe to eat. It is a guarantee that the items are of the highest quality and have been manufactured and cleaned according to strict international standards. It includes items and/or services that are both perfectly safe to eat and beneficial to one’s health and it goes far beyond religious issues.

People are becoming more aware of the Halal concept, so Halal Certification is becoming more relevant in today’s market. Halal certification verifies the characteristics and quality of goods in accordance with the Islamic Council’s guidelines for using the Halal mark. It’s mostly used on meat and dairy products, as well as packaged foods and additives.

For details, please visit www.halalindia.co.in


The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has also certified us for Guar Gum manufacturing.

The establishment of the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) was prompted by the Food Safety and Standards Act of 2006, which consolidated various acts and orders that had previously dealt with food-related issues in various Ministries and Departments. The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is a government-run agency that issues food licences to all food-related businesses in India. To ensure that healthy and nutritious food is available for human consumption, the FSSAI defines scientific food safety standards and governs their manufacturing process, storage, allocation, selling, and trade.

The FSSAI Registration assure the quality and safety of food and is primarily a food safety certificate distributed by the food authority. FSSAI Licensing makes sure that food products are subjected to stringent quality controls, reducing the likelihood of possible contamination and inferior products.

For details, please visit www.fssai.gov.in

U.S. FDA Registration

The US Food Additives approved list has cited the use of Guar Gum is safe for consumption. This makes it favourable and up in the ranks in terms of its demand. This certification means that the Guar gum and cassia gum products by Agro Gums undergoes a series of iterations and testing, which provides a major impact towards the benefits of the consumer. It also makes our Guar gum more accessible and we make sure that we aim at improving the lives, conditions, and health of our target market. This guar gum is safe and compliant and can be exported. The US FDA also helps in broadening the quality starting its design right up to its production.

Shefexil RCMC

Star Export House

Apeda RCMC

Health Certificate