Cassia Tora Seed – Specifications

Botanical Name : Cassia Obtusifolia, Cassia Tora
Local Name : Puwad, Chakunda, Cassia, Tora, Sickle Senna, Sickle Pod, Coffee Pod, Tovara, Chakvad, Foetid Cassia
Colour : Light Brown ( like coffe )
Size : 0.3 to 0.4 cm.
Ash Content : 5 % (max.)
Heavy Metal :
Iron : 50 ppm (max.)
Arsenic : Nill
E-Coli : Absent
Packing : 50 kg. Bag packing
Family Name : Caesalpinaceae
Other Names : Cassia Semen, Cassia seed, Jue Ming Zi, Cassia Tora, Latin Semen Cassiae
English Names : foetid cassia, the sickle senna and wild senna.
In India : This plant is named differently in different Indian languages for example it is known as Kuvadio, and Chakramard in Gujrati; Tarota, and Takla in Marathi; Edanchi, Chakunda, and Chatkaataa in Bengali; Takrike in Kannada; Tagare, and Vindu in Tamil; Takar in Malayalam; Tantyamu, and Tagarish in Telugu; and Chakunda in Oriya.