Usage of Cassia Powder for Hair Treatment

Ever wondered to get the organic hair treatment at the cheapest rate? If yes, one can get it by using cassia powder (Cassia Obovata). Cassia powder appears like Henna powder yet it differs because of its different properties. It is derived from the leaves of cassia plant. It is also known as Neutral Heena.

Which Properties in Cassia Obovata Powder makes hair Strong and Shiny?

  1. Anti fungal
  2. Moisture retention
  3. Excellent conditioner
  4. Anti bacterial
  5. Does not contain any chemical and preservatives

How Cassia Powder is better than Heena Powder?

  1. Cassia powder does not leave any stain while Heena power leaves stain in hands if one applies it with hands.
  2. It moisturizes the hair but application of Heena powder makes one’s hair dry.
  3. It makes hair more glossy and shiny than Heena powder.
  4. It can be released quicker than Heena powder. One can release the cassia powder after 30-60 minutes of applying it.

How to use cassia powder for glossy and healthy hair?

Here, the procedure of using cassia powder on hair:

Step 1: Mix the powder with warm water and leave it for 20-30 minutes.

Step 2: Apply the cassia paste on the clean hair (dry or damp). Taking a small section of hair, start applying it and repeat it on the other sections of hair.

Step 3: Take a plastic wrap and cover the hair.

Step 4: Rinse the hair after keeping the paste for 30-60 minutes.

Precaution: Take care that the product does not come in contact with eyes.

Hair treatment and hair dyes using cassia powder

Usage of Cassia Obovata Protein pack at the quickest time

Applying cassia obovata paste on your hair and rinsing it off after 60 minutes, it can provide the below listed benefits:

Protects damage

It provides nutrients that are lacking in hair.  It also cures sebum excess.

Strengthen hair

It promotes less shedding and breakage. Thus, strengthens and rejuvenates the hair.

Healthy scalp

It cleanses the scalp. It cures dandruff and irritation, gives one healthy scalp. Thus, it promotes healthy growth.

Provides shine

If one has dull and dry hair, it can give perfect boost of shine. It is works as a natural conditioner.

 cassia gum powder in meat and poultry products

Organic coloring and Highlights at the cheapest rate

  1. One can apply Cassia Obovata paste for 5-6 hours, rinse it off and get the hair color.
  2. One can use its paste on the section of hair which is needed to be highlighted.

Other Health Benefits of Cassia Obavata –

  1. Cassia Obavata helps to maintain the pH value taking care of the scalp. There are various conditions like hair are dry at the root or hair is oily, such conditions occur due to hormonal change due to pregnancy or menopause, poor nutrition, medical treatment etc. Cassia Obavata helps to regulate these conditions and normalizes it.
  2. It also helps to treat specific pathology of the scalp such as dermatitis, desquamation, psoriasis.
  3. It allows you to repair with damaged cuticle and avoid dandruff due to its astringent and antiseptic properties
  4. Cassia Obavata covers the outer cuticle with a protective layer and corrects the problems of porosity of the hair and helps to fix the cracking and broken ends of the hairs. Also, smooth’s burnt cuticles, caused by heat from flat irons
  5. It strengthens hair structure providing health, smoothness, volume, and vitality and also reduces hair loss
  6. It also helps to eliminate the harmful substances so to make the hair shiny as well the natural colour is clearly seen.
  7. Cassia Obavata is used as a natural conditioner and treats the inconvenience caused by chemical dyes.
  8. It purifies the scalp, providing minerals, elasticity, and shine to hairs

Here are some tips and uses to follow for Cassia Obavata

  • Check that it does not contain any colouring agent or any dye ingredient such as chamomile
  • Do not use metal utensils as it may affect the quality of cassia
  • You can also mix it with other natural ingredients like banana, olive oil in order to make the texture more pleasant
  • You can add cassia obavata to your shampoo as it gives a good nourishing effect to your hairs.
  • If your hairs are dry, rough or shaggy, add cassia obavata with olive oil or coconut oil that gives an additional strengthening effect making your hair stronger, smooth and shiny

Attention: It only works on natural blonde, grey hair or light hair.

But, one can use it with various herbal colors to get the shades of required color.

How it does? Neutral Heena has a golden yellow dye molecule in it which promotes coloring.

Demand of Cassia Powder in Hair Product Making Industry

As the people are getting aware about the usefulness of cassia powder for hair, they are demanding it. The cassia plant is grown in East Africa and India. They are much in demand because people are getting inclined towards organic hair products for maintenance of their hair. The product is cost effective and has properties which can enhance the growth and shine of hair. Thus, the product is getting importance in hair product making industry.

Why Agro Gums?

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