Role of Guar Gum for Development of Dysphagia Supplements

A recent study suggested that guar gum may be an effective treatment for dysphagia. This substance is capable of improving swallowing comfort. It also enhances the perception of thickness. 

What Effects does Guar Gum have on According to Studies?

In the study, guar gum solutions had a reduction in Trouton ratio with increasing shear stress. At lower concentrations, guar gum displayed a higher Trouton ratio, suggesting that its effect on easiness and thickness is dominated by shear viscosity. In addition, studies have shown that guar gum has a history of use in food and pharmaceutics. In addition to its antimicrobial and astringent effects, it is a unique soluble fibre that can form a viscous solution in hot or cold water. 

Important Properties of Guar Gum

The rheological properties of guar gum solutions are highly variable and vary with their concentrations. However, a concentration of guar gum less than 1% has been found to have the highest impact. The reason for this is that guar gum contains galactose, which may mix with water and enhance the viscosity of a liquid. Because of its high viscosity, guar gum may be utilized to change the texture and stability of a product with a minimum quantity. It also has the ability to conditionally mimic the mouth feel of globules of fat and gluten while exhibiting the viscoelastic properties of gluten. Moreover, guar has been demonstrated to be an excellent source, transferring drugs directly to the colon.

Guar Gum Powder

Guar Gum Role in Dysphagia Treatment

There is a long history of the usage of guar gum in foods and pharmaceutics. It is a natural polymer that is non-viscous. It can be used to improve the oropharyngeal environment. As a result, guar gum is an effective treatment for dysphagia.

The role of guar gum for the development of dysphagia supplements has not yet been determined. But guar gum is a valuable ingredient in dietary supplements and in xerostomic conditions. Its positive effects include improved health, increased energy, and lower blood pressure. In addition to this, guar gum has a high degree of bioavailability. Its bioavailability is not affected by the pH level.

guar gum powder applications in beverage industry

In Conclusion

Guar gum is a natural substance, which is found in the shell of guar seeds. This natural gum has several uses in the food and in the development of dysphagia. For instance, guar gum has been used in the food industry as an additive for yogurt, dairy products, and canned soup. It has many other functions in the food industry.

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