Research on Cassia Gum Powder in Toxicology, Pharmacology & Food Science

Cassia powder obtained from Cassia tora is a well-known herb that is been found throughout India as well as other countries. It is a rich source of anthraquinone glycosides, also widely been used against different diseases. There are various chemical compounds been isolated with the cassia gum powder having various pharmacological activities such as anti-inflammatory, antigenotoxic, hypolipidemic, spasmogenic and antinociceptive, antiproliferative and many more.

cassia powder

The research found the following activities of Cassia Gum Powder in Toxicology, Pharmacology & Food Science

  1. Research found that there was a significant decrease in the level of serum markers by the hydroalcoholic extracts of Cassia tora protecting the hepatic cells
  2. Cassia powder contains hydroxychalcone as well as other similar chemicals that is been used to improve insulin sensitivity. Methanol extracts of cassia flower help to activate blood proteins as well as improves the sugar level in the blood.
  3. It also contains cinnamaldehyde. This helps to fight against bacteria as well as fungi. Also helps to stop the growth of solid tumor cells
  4. Its hepatoprotective activity helps to control the alcohol level in the body. The activity has been performed from the extract of the Cassia tora leaves. The research showed that the intake of the cassia gum powder helped to control the cholesterol level as well as the weight of the body
  5. Ethanolic extracts of cassia roots helped for renal injury in animals.
  6. Cassia Powder showed a significant antibacterial activity against Bacillus subtilis, Staphylococcus aureus, Enterococcus faecalis and many more.
  7. It has a strong antioxidant activity that is stronger as compared to Alphatocopherol.
  8. It also plays an important role in the food industry; it has 75% polysaccharides in weight.
  9. In the food industry, it is been used as emulsifiers, thickeners and stabilizer additives. It goes through a thermal treatment that involves de-husking and de-germing of the Cassia seeds. Later, by the extraction method, the seeds are been purified by applying Isopropanol.
  10. Splits of cassia consist of galactose and mannose units which are been used as additives in food.
  11. Cassia Gum powder has many applications in the food industry as well as pharmacology. Generally, it is been used in food as it gives a spicy aroma and great taste to human foodstuff.
  12. The constituents of the cassia powder like tannis, gums, sugarm mucilage etc. are been used as a food additive and is also considered as a natural ingredient

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