Market Sentiment for Hydrocolloids – Are they in for the long run?

The market sentiment is the feeling or the overall attitude of the investors or players towards the particular product. It can also be described as the general expected direction that the demand of a product is expected to be headed. Investor sentiment is described as whether bullish or bearish in nature, where by bullish sentiment means prices are expected to be going up and bearish meaning prices are expected to be going down.


Hydrocolloids are colloidal substances that have a special affinity with water. In chemistry they are referred to as macromolecular and hydrophilic substances.  Some of these chemicals are able to dissolve in water while others will only swell when mixed with water. Several hydrocolloids are derived from plants such as the guar gum, the cassia tora seed and the Sesbania gum.

Market Outlook

The market outlook for hydrocolloids has been very positive. The rapid growth in allied industries such as functional food manufacturing and beverages production has been very pivotal in influencing the market sentiment for hydrocolloids.

Constant product research and changing consumer inclinations toward healthy lifestyles and nutritious foods have favored usage of natural hydrocolloids. Increasing populations, with increasing disposable incomes and living standards is expected to create a steady demand in processed food products, which are major users of hydrocolloids.

Guar Gum Powder

One of the major factors driving investor sentiment for the guar gum powder is the state of crude oil drilling. There has been a deliberate effort by governments around the world to increase the level of crude production, led by the United States government. This is a total reversal to the trend that had been witnessed three years ago.  By the end of the year 2016, the investor’s sentiment had already changed from a negative outlook to positive with an 8 % increase in guar prices observed by early 2017. There is a general opinion from stakeholders that the demand level of the guar powder alone will rise by over 25%.

Guar Gum Powder

Usage in Other Industries

Apart from usage in the oil exploration industry, Guar Gum Splits have other important uses in industry. Their property as an effective natural thickening agent puts it at the top in demand. Manufacturing industries such as toothpaste, food processing and pharmaceutical production have high requirements for the food grade guar gum splits. This demand level coupled by good rate of economic developments in various countries has created a good sentiment among the guar gum traders.

The Cassia Tora

The cassia powder is also used as food additive in food and beverage making. It acts as foam stabilizer, emulsifier and texture enhancement product. Cassia Tora Split market sentiment is expected to continue with an upward trend with its increasing usage in products like baby food, dairy products, biscuits and jellies.

Sesbania Gum Powder

Sesbania Gum Powder is another important hydrocolloid gaining popularity in various industries. One incentive for the popularity of the Sesbania is the ease of availability compared to other natural gums. The product is also favored for its ability to resist degradation at high temperatures. Its high solubility makes it preferred in waste water treatments than other natural hydrocolloids.

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