Market Development of Sesbania Gum for Next Few Years

The overall hydrocolloids market was valued at 5.7 billion dollars in the year 2015.  It is estimated to be worth 7.56 billion by the year 2020, a projection of 5.8 % growth in 5 years.  Increasing demand for hydrocolloids has been prompted by increasing demand in the food and beverage manufacturing industry and a growing health consciousness among the population for consumption of natural foods.Major hydrocolloids in the market include the guar Gum, Xanthan gum, pectin, agar, alginate, Gum Arabic, locust bean among others.

Oil and Gas Exploration

The major uses of the sesbania and the other gums include thickeners, stabilizers, gelling agents, fat replacers and coatings.

The sesbania gum is a hydrocolloid with high demand due to its importance in other industriesand mainly the shale oil and gas exploration.

With the increasing scarcity of the guar for its many applications, and increasing price, suitable alternatives have been sought with the sesbania gumbeing the best alternative.

The promotion and increased levels of shale gas exploration in the United States of America, has caused increase in the demand for the sesbania, which is expected to grow in direct proportion. In oil drilling, the gum is used as a blocking agent, reduction agent, and a tackifier used in enhancing the fluid cracking process and higher oil production rate.

Sesbania Gum Powder

The Australian Market

The main importer of the sesbania gum powder is Australia which imports approximately over 40,000 kilograms monthly from the Indian sub Continent.  Germany, South Africa and Kazakhstan are also major users of the powder.It is expected that the sesbania gum will continue in this trend as the demand for canned foods continue to increase as well as increased oil production activity.

Market Segmentation for the Sesbania Gum Powder

The main areas of market segmentation for hydrocolloids are based on their different usage profiles. The sesbania gum powder largely falls in the category of gellingand thickening agent. Therehas been increased demand also in the Asia pacific countries where this trend is expected to continue for the period 2016- 2020.

Current Market Status and Future Prospects

The sesbania gum powder has showed average performance in the market compared to other gums. Thisis mostly attributed to lack of enough knowledge and research on its various usages. With the sesbania being very similar to the guar gum,its usage has been limited when the supply for guar is efficient and stable.  However, oil producers, who are the major users, have started expressing interest in shifting to the sesbania whichis more affordable and readily produced in many parts of the world.

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