Learn about Guar Gum Extraction Process and the Types of Applicable Ingredients from Guar Bean

Guar Bean and its Features

Guar bean is a type of bean which has more viscosity and for the same property the bean seeds from this plant is processed and extracted in powder format to be applied in several industrial properties. The endosperm of each bean seed bears about one by three portion of the actual weight of a bean seed. The galactomanan present in the endosperm accounts for the remaining weight of the bean seed and it is supposed to contain the applicable properties. Guar gum is the prime component present in guar been seeds which is processed through several steps to get the resulting powder format. This extracted product is applied in several industries and food industry makes use of it for majority of food processing and preparation processes.

Extraction of Different Products from Guar Bean Seeds

Guar bean seeds are sent for several processes to extract the gum in granule format. The seeds are removed from its husk, and then sent into the grinding device to obtain the complete gum powder. This powder stays white in colour when transformed into fine granules. In addition, the guar bean seeds are extracted as different by products like starch and emulsifiers. The gum powder contains several time higher range of viscosity than other ingredients applied to enhance thickening. Starting from increasing cornstarch potency to prevent formation of crystals, etc gum powder made from guar seeds are found to be a highly reliable food processing ingredient.

Applications of Reliable Guar Bean Extractions

Guar bean extractions are found to be useful for a range of industries because of its applicable nature. Some of the major applications are discussed below,


Food Industry

Food processing industries finds the best application of guar granules. It is mainly considered as an additive to increase the quantity that is stuffed into packing. The natural property to blend easily with water is what makes majority of food processing industries to depend on guar extracts for great productivity and quality results.

Dairy Products

Guar gum stands a supportive ingredient in making of ice cream, chocolates and other daily products. It helps preventing crystal formation. It is depended a lot in the making of cheese, yogurt, condensation of milk, etc. Since, it can prevent creams from becoming solid matter; guar product is applied at large to maintain uniformity of texture in ice cream production.

Bakery Products

Guar gum powder has the capacity to increase the softness and texture of dough prepared in bakeries. Adding little quantity of guar extract will add to the dough size. In addition to that adding guar gum will improve the shelf life property of the respective bakery product. Guar extractions also contain the capacity to prevent lamentation of the cream or fillings or toppings. To obtain more elasticity in baking eatables, guar gum stays an important ingredient.


Guar gum properties show that it is a good source of thickening and hence, food and pharmaceutical industries finds its best application in majority.

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