La Gomme De Guar in Cheese Processing

Cheese-Softness and Rich Taste

Cheese is a multipurpose milk product that is used for different food preparations including garnishing, to create grainy food texture, flavoring, etc. Cheese remains an important and favorite food ingredient in several international cuisines. Production of cheese is a long process and cheese types also differ based on its texture, creamy nature, stability and flavor.

Prevent Syneresis-Functional Features of Guar Gum Powder in Dairy Products

Guar gum has the capacity to act against syneresis process. Wherein, syneresis is the process of extracting or removing liquid content from gel like substance. It is also referred to as the filtration process which is mostly applied in the preparation of milk based products such as yogurt, cheese, margarine, etc. However, increases syneresis will lead to failure in obtaining the right texture of cheese. The role of guar gum is found to be very effective in the process of cheese making as it supports cheese making process by preventing excess syneresis.

Guar Gum as a stabilizer in preparing creamy cheese

It provides a good texture to cheese as well as other milk products and supports the product to remain consistent in texture. It also works out effectively in maintaining the uniformity of the color of the product and keeps up its thickness and leaves its taste unchanged. Cheese is of different nature, most cream rich cheese is a suggested ingredient for fat rich food. Preparation of fat rich cheese or creamy cheese without much impact of fat of health however, providing the same creamy texture is a bit long process for which stabilizers are applied as an effective additive. Guar gum is one of the chosen additives that is applied to stabilize the cheese texture and provide the by product with a creamy appearance without any change in taste.

La Gomme de Guar – A Useful Choice for Cheese Production

La Gomme de Guar – A Useful Choice for Cheese Production

  • Guar gum powder which is termed as la gomme de guar in France has a huge demand in European nations as it is found to give good results in food industry especially dairy products and in the production of cereals for kids. Especially Italy’s most chosen food Pizza is never done without a cheese added to it.
  • When it comes to dairy products, cheese processing is one of the most common products found in several European nations.
  • It is considered as an important ingredient by Europeans which they apply in different food products for garnishing as well as creamy additive.
  • Gomme de guar is one of the main options of stabilizers that is used in cheese processing to add good shelf life to the final product.

Guar Gum Processing and Powder Manufacturing at Agro Gums

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Guar gum powder is applicable in different types of food processing processes. Guar gum is considered one of the best additives in the preparation of creamy cheese as it stabilizes cheese texture and maintains its shelf life.

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