Industrial Application of Guar Gum Splits

Guar gum is widely used in various industries. It is one of the most effective agents that can enhance the thickness of water. The use of guar gum can be seen in many forms. It can be used as powder, seeds or splits too. You can have guar gum splits from guar seeds. It is a non ionic polysaccharide galacomannan and refined endosperm. There is a certain mechanical process through which the splits are separated from the seeds. Then they are refined and passed through various clarity levels. There are lots of industries where you can see an extensive use of this product. However, all these industries demand the best quality product so that they can get the highest benefits of the same.

guar gum splits

Application in Food Industry

The use of guar gum products in food industry is very popular. Guar gum split is known for its versatile properties and can be used in food industry all over the globe. It has a property of natural thickness and can be used in processed or frozen food industry for this property. Apart from that you can see a great use of guar gum splits in bakery industry to enhance the thickness of cakes and pastries at the time of baking. There are some dairy products like yogurts, mousses and desserts that need high quality guar gum splits too.

Uses in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Apart from food industry there is pharmaceutical industry where you can see a wide use of this item. There are several medicines in which this item is mixed for various utilities. For example, in laxatives this is used as a bulking agent. In toothpastes this is applied to enhance the paste or gel consistency. Apart from that there are diabetic treatment, vitamin preparation and cholesterol treatment in which the use of guar gum splits can be seen all over the world.

Uses In the Textile Industry

Textile industry is another big industry in which you can experience a regular use of guar gum splits and other guar gum products. It can be cotton, rayon, wool or silk sizing in which the manufacturers use top class guar gum splits. It is used to enhance the thickness of the dye and offer most efficient result. You can use this product for printing on various types of textiles. The modified guar gum is very popular in this field because of its thickening agents. There are world famous textile manufacturers who buy a huge amount of splits every year for their manufacturing process.

Uses in the Oil Industry

Guar gum splits can be used in the oil well drilling all across the globe. This item is used in oil well fracturing, stimulation and mud drilling as well. It is used in this industry as a stabilizer and suspending agent. Apart from that it is also used as a thickener. It controls water loss during oil well drilling. It reduces friction and enhances mobility too.

Lots of experiments are still going on regarding the use of guar gum splits. This can make it possible to be used in many new industries along with the old ones.

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