Importance of Cassia Tora Meal in Animal Feed Industry

Cassia Tora is a plant from the Caesalpinaceae plant family. The seeds of this plant undergo de-husking for obtaining germ. The removed husk and the germ are popularly known as Cassia Tora Meal. It is highly nutritional because it contains 30% protein and 10% fiber content. Because of its high protein and low fiber content, Cassia Tora Meal is widely used to increase the nutritional value of animal feed. It is most suitable for making cattle feed, poultry food, and fish food. It is approved globally and it is procured while converting the Cassia tora seeds into Cassia tora splits. As they are processed through high-temperature toasting, its quality remains intact. Because of its excellent thickening properties, it is one of the most used products in producing wet canned foods for pets.

Cassia Tora Meal – An Effective Supplement for Cattle Feed

Today, people are looking for more effective and affordable solutions when it comes to cattle feed. Sometimes, it becomes a challenging task to manage the expenses without compromising on the quality. But quality being the most important factor for the customers, it has to be the prime focus for all animal feed manufacturers. Cassia Tora Meal is one of the most suitable solutions for animal feeding requirements. When it is included in the cattle feed, animals start giving more milk.

Cassia Tora Meal in Animal Feed Industry

Cassia Tora Meal in Animal Feed Industry

One of the biggest advantages of Cassia Tora Meal is its high protein content, which is considered as very important content added in various cattle feeds. Animal feed that is rich in protein delivered far better results in terms of growth and productivity. Cassia Tora Meal provides healthy growth in animals as it has a high protein and low fiber content. This fact has been supported by various researches and studies conducted in different parts of the world. Because of all these factors, it is one of the best alternatives to the supplementary products like soya bean and groundnuts.


Cassia Tora Meal Research Outcomes

In a various research, it has been found that Cassia Tora Meal has rich nutritional content. Because of that, it was also tested as a feed ingredient for birds and it was found to be useful in terms of growth and dietary treatment. Most importantly, it is a nitrogen-free extract that helps in absorbing energy. Many other studies have been conducted to study the benefits of the Cassia Tora Meal on animals. Most of the studies have shown positive results when it is used in the ideal quantity. The excessive usage of it can also have an adverse effect on the health of animals, hence it is advisable to read the instructions carefully before using it.

Because of the increasing awareness, the demand of Cassia Tora Meal is constantly increasing in the animal feed industry. However, in counties like India, it is easy to get Cassia Tora Meal in bulk at an affordable price.

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