How is Guar Gum useful as a Thickening Agent?

Guar gum, the white colored powder processed from the seeds of the legume plant, guar, is an important entity for several industrial applications. Sizing, finishing and printing of textiles, sheet formation in paper industry, waterproofing in explosives manufacturing process, production of cosmetics and toiletries, oil and gas drilling, pharmaceutical, mining are all the commercial applications of guar gum. The powdered guar is preferred for its excellent solubility in water at all temperatures, viscosity, film forming, stabilizing, emulsifying and gelling properties. However the most important and primary application of guar gum powder is in the form of a thickening agent.

Thickening agent is a product which improves viscosity and gives a thicker texture to a liquid or food dish by absorbing the water content in it.

Guar-Gum-Powder-2Guar gum as a thickening agent is an important product for applications in food industry. The so-called guarkernmehl (guar gum as popularly called in German) is very economical as compared to the other forms of gums or alternative thickening additives used in food preparations. It’s affordable costs and invaluable thickening and binding capacities make it an important substance for addition in loose preparations like soups. It has almost eight times the water-thickening capacity than that of cornstarch and therefore with just little addition of the product, sufficient viscosity or thickness can be produced in the watery products. The addition of edible guar gum to the food products will not effect it’s taste or other valuable properties. Instead the body and texture will improve thereby giving a good-mouth watering look to the food preparations.

As a thickening agent derived from guar beans, the food grade guar gum for baking applications is used widely by the food makers. It is an effective binder which can very efficiently replace the lack of gluten in the baking products. The flour because of its gluten helps in better texture and structure formation of the preparations and for baking products, this gluten property can well be met with an efficient alternative, guar gum thereby helping in preparation of gluten-free recipes. It can also replace the whole grain flours used in hypoallergenic recipes.

Therefore guar gum as a food thickening additive has invaluable benefits to offer, but to effectively improve the texture, stability and flavor of the recipes it is very important to use right quantity of good quality product. Those looking to buy guar gum powder for food applications, Agro Gums can offer the best quality product at most competitive price. Agro Gums is a leading guar gum manufacturer offering genuine guar products including guar gum powder, guar splits, guar meal for cattle feed and fast hydration guar gum powder for commercial applications.Visit for further details on products offered by Agro Gums.


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