How Homogeneity of Dairy Products is maintained with Guar and Cassia Gum?

Different types of Dairy Products

Dairy products have evergreen demand worldwide. Starting from milk to milk based products like chocolates, milk shakes, desserts, ice creams, etc the list of product made from milk is unlimited and the requirement will never decrease.

Ice Cream-The most demanded of all dairy products

Among the dairy products ice cream tops the list as it stays a favourite snack throughout the world. Milk is the basic constituent for preparing ice cream and with that different ingredients are added to bring out appropriate texture of the product.

guar gum powder with Ice Cream

Texture of Ice Cream

Ice cream remains the most preferred eatable for all age groups because of the smooth and soft texture it bears. However, there are some specific ingredients added to bring out the smooth texture for ice cream in which cassia tora gum and guar gum powder remain important.

Ingredients used to Prepare Dairy Products

Milk is the primary ingredient applied in the making of ice cream. For factories that make huge quantity of ice cream and export to different countries, preparation process is carried out by adding important ingredients. Gum extracts from plant seeds such as cassia tora, guar plant have been found to work effectively in terms of acting as a stabilizing and texturizing agents.

Obtaining the prefect texture with Special Ingredients

Special ingredients include stabilizers, gelling agents, bonding agent, softener, emulsifier, etc. As far dairy products like ice cream is concerned, cassia tora gum powder is found to show the above properties therefore it is widely applied as a stabilizing agent in milk products, pet foods, snacks, canned foods, wet foods, etc.

Milk Products

Cassia Tora-Properties which help in Dairy Product Preparation

Cassia gum is applied in different types of dairy products including ice cream, cheese, yogurt, desserts, etc. When it comes to ice cream preparation cassia gum powder helps in sustaining the homogeneity and texture of cream products. It thickens the ingredients mixed in ice cream and maintains the smooth texture without converting into liquid form.

Guar Gum in Property that helps in Preparing Ice Cream

Guar gum powder has excellent stabilizing and thickening properties. It can be added as an efficient ingredient even when prepared at low temperatures. The thickening property also helps in ice cream preparation in terms of preventing crystal formation and maintaining the homogeneity of ice cream texture.

Gum Powder for Large Scale Production

For large amount of ice cream or milk product production, food industries can depend on buying gum extracts directly from manufacturers and suppliers. Agro Gums is one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of guar gum, cassia tora gum, guarkernmehl gum powder. We also supply processed seeds and splits of higher grade suitable for different industries.


Gomme de guar gum powder and cassia tora gum powder has excellent stabilizing and thickening properties. Adding either of these ingredients in milk products like ice cream helps to maintain the homogeneity of texture. Agro Gums is a leading cassia tora and guar gum manufacturer where food several industries can get higher grade gum powder and splits.

This article has been posted by working at Agro Gums. Agro Gums is a guar and cassia gum manufacturing company offering high quality guar gum powder, fast hydration guar gum powder, cassia powder, guar splits and guar meal to satisfy the production requirements of various industries across the world.

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