Guar Gum Widely Used in Cat Litter


The Guar gum is a fiber source that is extracted from the seeds of the guar plant and is considered safe for use with pets. Guar Gum finds its important use as a clumping agent in the making of cat litter.Cat litter is a very unique and special product that is widely used in domestic surroundings to allow the cats to excrete into this litter so that the environment remains a clean and hygienic one. The selective ingredient also helps in any kind of odour from filling up the room.  This application of guar gum is popular due to its characteristics of improving the functionality of sodium bentonite which is applied to keep any kind of rubbish or waste from spilling out.

How the Cat litter works as a powerful substance

The guar gum granules due to their known properties bind with the sodium bentonite and sustains the things inside the little and also massively reduce the chances of the litter falling beyond the particular circumference. The guar gum is also combined with other minerals as it can capture the waste to create a bio-degradable mass with the cat urine and stool. When any of the excreted waste combines with the guar gum powder it aids in the cleaning up of the waste from the litter box. Besides, it facilitates the prevention of bacterial growth which makes it a favorite amongst domestic pet users.

Guar Gum Powder

Reasons to use the Guar Gum Cat litter in households

Society and lifestyles have been changing and pets are treated as members of the family and are the most popular pets across the world. The guar gum is found in abundance and is an excellent as well as an absorbent material that can bind, absorb and eliminate cat waste. Its clumping percentage and strength are enormous and can prevent any kind of infection from spreading. This litter formulation has the most desirable chemical and physical properties for its development as a commercial and domestic cat litter. This clumping agent called guar gum also captures waste and creates a mass that is easy to scoop out which makes it the best source for cat litter.

Benefits of using the Natural Guar Gum Cat Litter

Using Guar Gum Cat Litter can get environmentally friendly and easy to dispose of.  They are lighter and long-lasting and ideal for use in any domestic condition.  Besides its economical and affordable for all. It clears the mess very quickly and requires minimal work. It saves up the extra work of lugging the big heavy bags that are used traditionally. The added advantage of using the guar gum in cat litter is that it is relatively dust-free, especially when compared to other types of litter like the clay litter, the silica gel cat litter, and the like. The cat as a pet can be quite a digger and with the guar gum cat litter, this disaster can be prevented! This natural cat litter provides excellent odor control and is pet and pet owner friendly.

Guar Gum Powder for Food Industry
Guar Gum Powder for Food Industry


Guar gum Powder widely finds its applications in Cat litter makingand is a very production-friendly ingredient. Due to its excellent binding properties, it is a very important substance to clear up the waste from the little and as well as to prevent any kind of harmful bacterial growth.

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