Guar Gum – The Creaminess Creator In Food

Drooling Over The Deliciousness of Cheese

Cheese is a special taste enhancer food product and it gets combined with other foods like lasagna, sandwiches, nachos, or tacos. People are always ready to include it in their food in any form, whether as a topping or as a condiment. No one can even imagine having a pizza without it, all due to the rich flavor it adds to the dish.

As The Saying Goes, ‘No Amount of Cheese Is Enough Cheese’

As per a survey, Denmark consumes more cheese than any other country in the world, followed by Iceland and Finland. An average person consumes 23 pounds of it in a year. With its

Guar Gum Powder for Dairy Products

Guar Gum Powder for Dairy Products

texture, smoothness, its various forms, and of course not to forget the delicious taste it gives, it has got an irreplaceable place in people’s diet. Watching it melt, melts our hearts, and gets us drooling. As per statistics, the most consumed cheese in the world is mozzarella followed by cheddar. It has other forms too – mascarpone, ricotta, parmesan.

All About The Rich Texture of Cheese – Guar Gum

Ever thought what is the agent that binds it and gives us the creamy texture in our cheese and other food products? The credit for this goes to guar gum, which comes from guar plant.

Adding guar gum to food products, especially the bakery ones helps to increase their shelf life. It also increases essential proteins when added to food products.

Use of Guar Gum Powder in Cheese Making

Guar gum plays an efficient role as an additive by preventing unnecessary syneresis. As per the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) department, adding its right amount in milk is important, because this will affect the smoothness and texture when the cheese will be processed. It can be added up to 0.5-1 gram per each kg of milk. It is also used as an emulsifier. As per scientific research, the gum powder obtained from the guar plant can make the food rise up to 2 times. It also increases the usage period of such foods. Being the most popular additive in the food industry, it gives food a uniform texture.

Application of Guar Gum in Dairy Products

Application of Guar Gum in Dairy Products

Guar Gum and Its Benefits

Being high in fiber, it helps to stabilize and is a food thickener. According to research done, it reduces bloating and relieves constipation. It also helps to lose weight as well as control cholesterol and sugar. It has to be processed in powder form from the guar plant or Cyamopsis tetragonolobus’. It has a good water-absorbing ability which is especially useful in the processing of milk-based products.

Guar Gum Powder and Various Industries

Guaran or as we call it guar gum, has got various types of usage in the guar gum in food industry – be it milk products or bakery products. But when being mixed as an additive, it should be used appropriately. It is also used in non-food industries like textile, paper, cosmetics, etc. It has got many industrial and non-industrial uses.

Guaran and Its Properties

The guar plant generally grows in dry states. It is white in color. Being an essential raw material across industries, it has distinctive properties. It is a summer plant, having the ability to grow even in drought. It has a high capacity to absorb water. According to research, it can grow up to 3 metres in length and takes around 125-175 days to grow.

India’s Trade of Guaran

Across the world, India is the largest producer of the guar plant. Statistics show that it holds more than 75% of the global trade. This is due to the Indian exports of around 515,250 MT of guaran and earning around 4715 crores.

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