Guar Gum Powder Usage in Stockfeed

Guar Gum powder is a very popular thickening agent in the preparation of animal feed. The guar gum powder is produced from the endosperm of the guar seed and is used in the cattle feed industry as well as the poultry feed industry.  This animal feed is usually a combination of the husk, guar gum powder, and the germ and is an excellent source of protein as well as loaded with beta manann, saponins, and natural trypsin inhibitors. This tends to enhance the nutritive value of the feed as well as its digestive value.

How the Guar Gum Benefits

The guar gum powder with its storehouse of benefits results in improved blood parameters, productive performance, efficient milk production, and total economic efficiency. This completely natural agricultural product does not contain any trace of chemicals or preservatives that improves the digestive capacity of the cows and buffaloes. Besides its rich in proteins and carbohydrates that are vital for nutritional value. The added advantage of using guar gum powder as a Stockfeed is that it can be utilized in layer feed and any kind of ruminant feed, which also helps in increasing the protein content that is useful in providing extra fat to the milk also increases its quantity.

Guar Gum Powder Usage in Stockfeed

What Makes the Guar Gum Powder a Popular Stockfeed

The Guar gum has high water binding capacities and is considered the best thickening agent. It is also high in fiber and can be used individually or even in combination with other animal feed. As a whole, it is completely nutritious by itself. It is safe for young and adult animals and the guar fodder also contains adequate levels of amino acids. This can provide high energy to the cattle which results in their better management. Healthy cattle result in better productivity while also helping in their growth. The GMO-free guar gum powder comes in superior quality and form and the guar gum meal can even help in balancing the sugar and cholesterol levels of the animals.

Besides the Guar gum meal is easy to digest and odorless and the best alternative to other Stockfeed. Its best binding effects hold the other raw material in the fodder. While looking for the best fodder it should also be ensured that there are no toxic contents or harmful substances that may harm the health of the stock. Guar gum is considered the best and the safest alternative that is even affordable by all.

Going Forward

The guar gum powder is commonly available and major suppliers provide an uninterrupted supply chain.  The AGRO GUMS producers with their certified manufacturing processes also provide complete reliability, quality, transparency, and dependability. The sustainable use of the guar gum powder has helped it to become a popular ingredient in Stockfeed and even as a vital component.  Its stabilizing properties significantly contribute to it being recognized as a high-quality food for livestock. In ancient times too, the guar plants were cut up and offered to animals as green foliage. In the modern world with advanced manufacturing processes, the guar gum has evolved and supports the farmer’s economic stability to a great extent.

Guar Gum Powder Usage in Stockfeed


The natural and original guar gum powderhas good digestive content and the guar gum meal used in any animal feed preparation is cost-effective, safe and the ideal choice to be used. It has all the properties a farmer might look for in a Stockfeed.

Guar Gum Powder is used in Different Industries
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