Guar Gum Future Trends on National Commodity Exchange in India

Guar Plant Cultivation in India

India is considered to be the largest supplier of guar products to world market. It is due to the fact that guar plants are cultivated in many Indian states therefore Indian manufacturers are able to product guar products easily and export quality guar products at relatively lesser price than other countries.

Indian Economy influenced by Guar Gum Powder Export

Comparing the global market, majority of guar extracts come from India hence; Indian manufacturers are able to support the country’s economy to a better extent. Similarly, countries like US, Australia, China, etc see favorable trade relation with India with Guar products. In addition to that the increasing application of guar granule in oil field drilling process is yet another reason that made other countries to look back India for continuous supply of gomme de guar. 

Indian Economy influenced by Guar Gum Powder Export

 Guar Gum –One of the Top Importing Commodities in World market

Guar gum properties favor the food industry in many ways as a result starting from dairy products, to confectioneries and food processing activities, etc Guar Gum powder is found to be a very influential ingredient. News reports say that countries like China, Latin America and Germany have a large percentage of this commodity. These countries in turn aim to import guar extracts in majority to support productivity in food industry. 

Why China has maximum requirement for Guar as Commodity?

China is in the top of the list of countries that has maximum requirement for guar gum power and the requirement appears to have been increasing every year. India remains the top preference for countries like China to depend for large quantity of goma guar. Hence, the import percentage is supposed to increase in future. 

How guar gum is traded on national commodity exchange?

When it is concerned with guar seeds as a National Commodity, the monsoon changes appeared to have affected the cultivation of guar plants. The re-launch of National Commodity Derivative Exchange which has led to the fall of guar seed price per quintal and the reducing sport price trend were found to be some bad impact on guar seed value. However, the rising demand for guar seed granule from India for the global petroleum industry will have a great impact on cultivation. 

What are Future and Options of Guar Commodity Exchange?

Future and options of guar commodity exchange is expected to be high in the coming years. Reports say that from the cultivation point of view guar seeds production is expected to be on the rise. However, the impact of industrial requirement for guar products from other countries like US and China can considerably bring favorable pricing for Guar in world market. 

Agro Gums-Supporting with quality Guar Gum Products for global market

Agro Gums has been exporting guar gum granules to different parts of the world. Quality, assurance and cost effective pricing remain our motto when we deal with export requests. We also manufacture different grades of guar endosperm powder with respect to industrial applications. 


With fluctuations in Guar seeds pricing in the world market, Indian manufacturers of guar products depend on the cultivation results as the demand for guar granule in the world market should match the production. Thus the pricing will have good influence for guar exporters in India.

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