Guar Gum And Its Utility in the Cosmetic Industry

Guar Gum, known as Guaran, is a type of fiber obtained from the seeds of the plant. Guar Gum is a polysaccharide extracted from Guar Beans. It is a galactomannan polysaccharide that has distinctive features like thickening and stabilizing properties that are used for feed, food, and industrial applications. Its better solubility property also proves beneficial to mix it with several other reagents and this nature is exploited to make several products in the cosmetics industry.

Guar gum powder is extracted from Guar gum seeds. The endosperm layer of the seed gives out this gum. The stability and thickening of the gum is needed for manufacturing industrial products.

Why is Guar Gum powder used in Cosmetic Industry?

Guar Gum powder acts as a great emulsifier, thickener and stabilizer in cosmetic formulas. It has eight times better potency for water thickening as compared to cornstarch. Just a small amount of this powder is needed to achieve the desired viscosity of the product. It has one more stand out advantage than the other thickeners that it is easily soluble in cold, hot or warm water. In addition to these, the gum has a non toxic emulsifier that binds to liquids and upon addition to water, it forms a paste. This readily nature of the Guar gum makes it highly economical for use in the cosmetic industry.

Guar Gum Powder in Cosmetic Industry

Guar Gum powder is extensively used in manufacturing of Face masks, Lipsticks, Shampoos, Conditioners, etc. The high grade Guar Gum powder is used and is ensured for its quality and non allergic properties to be used for all skin types. Because of smoothing property in this powder it has been widely used in hair products like conditioner for quick detangling.

Guar gum acts as a stable emulsifier, minimizes water loss and syneresis. Syneresis is the separation of liquid added to form a gel like substance. In this way guar gum powder helps as a protective colloidal and is often used in lotions and creams.

In deodorants too, a mixture of guar gum powder, aloe vera gel and some essential oils is added as chief ingredients.

How safe is Guar gum powder for cosmetic use?

Guar Gum has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration and the derivatives obtained from Guar Gum has been recognized as safe. Therefore it can be safely used in cosmetics and personal care products. Guar gum due to its advantages and benefits in health and nutrition, has been experiencing a huge demand among users. Its natural occurrence and least toxic properties make it suitable for wide applications across several industries.

The Bottom Line

Altrafine Gums, established in 1982 and has been headquartered in one of the commercial states like Gujarat, has been in the business of Manufacturing and supplying several types of natural gums obtained from plant and its products. The company also deals in other variants of the natural gums which are exclusively demanded for industrial applications. With state of the art infrastructure and promising research and development in the latest technology has always a stepping stone in the company’s success.

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