Demand of Guar Gum in Global Market

Guar plant (cluster bean plant) is a plant mainly grown in India and Pakistan, guar gum is found in the endosperm of guar plant. Guar gum is has several names in different countries. India stands are the largest producer of guar and guar gum in the world.

Manufacturing Guar Gum

In the manufacturing process of guar gum in producing countries like India; the seeds of guar plant i.e. the guar gum are passed through different processes. They pass through the roasting process, grinding process and polishing process. In these processes the shell from the guar gum seeds is removed thus leaving the refined guar slits to be further passed through the processing system. Guar splits are then chosen for the processing process .so the guar splits passed through screening to get rid of dust particles and any other unnecessary particles. Guar splits are further prehydrated by allowing them to mix with the right proportion amount of water in a place called the double cone mixer. Once the guar splits are hydrated they are passed through flaker. Once the guar splits are flaked, the guar splits are then dried up, powdered and grounded. For a fine guar gum powder, the powdered guar that is produced is sieved. The by products from the manufacturing process i.e.the husk and germ obtained can be used as feed to the cattle. This is because they are high in protein.

Applications of Guar Gum in various industries

Theguar gum has a number of helpful properties thus they can be used in various industries or sectors, mostly the food industry, their applications include;

· Guar gum works as, stabilizer, thickener, binding agent and emulsifier thus they are used in numerous food related applications primarily the ones that need addition of thickening agents or starch.

· Guar gum is also used in items that require baking like cakes; this is because it increases their softness of the cakes and prolongs their expiry dates.

· It is also used in the canning and processing of meat and pet foods. This is because it has the ability to raise the viscosity which in turn reduces the splashing throughout the process thus it speeds it up.

· Guar gum can be used in sugarless or dietary beverages to improve the mouth feel and texture of the products.

· Guar gum is used as an in ice cream stabilizers, mainly for use in high temperature and short period processes. This is helped by its hydration property and water binding property.

· Guar gum derivatives like hydroxypropyl and carboxymethyl gum can be used as mobility control agents in oil, water loss control, petroleum industries, suspension, friction reducing gas and viscosity control.

· Guar gum can also be used within the paper, textile, mining, explosives and cosmetic industries.

Demand of Guar Gum in Various Countries

India is the main exporter of guar gum. Other countries exporting include; Pakistan, U.S.A and Italy. The world market demands is projected to be 1.5 lakhs tons yearly. Major importers include Canada, china and Australia. India produces 80% of guar gum in the world. Latest data shows that guar gum exports have gone up by 139% between April 2012 and January 2013 with shipment of around $4.9billion.


Guar gum splits and guar gum powders give a good return to farmers in various countries. Its benefits and uses to different countries have made it a major plant that is used worldwide. This is reflected by its increase in demand annually.

This article has been written by Biren Patel working at Agro Gums. Agro Gums is a guar and cassia gum manufacturing company offering high quality guar gum powder, fast hydration guar gum powder, cassia powder, guar splits and guar meal to satisfy the production requirements of various industries across the world.

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