Demand for Guarkernmehl in European Countries

Top European Nations which has High Guar Gum Demand

Germany is the top European country that leads the role in Guarkernmehl or Guar Gum import. The growing number of processing industries remains the main reason for Germany to buy Guar Gum extracts in majority.

It is a well-known fact that Germany stays second in the rank in food and drink processing. However, the important fact is that Germany can either produce guar plants or can manage processing of guar seed endosperm; they have to depend on importing from other nations.

Statistical Analysis of Guarkernmehl Import Market in Germany

The statistical report shows that the growth of food and drink processing industries in Germany has increased by 6.5% in 2009 when compared to 2004 market situation. The import of guar gum powder to Germany has also increased considerably in the due course says report.

India is the leading supplier of Guarkernmehl to Germany and nearly 69% of guar gum powder is from India only.

Guarkernmehl Import Market in Germany

Reason for International Demand

  • Popularly known as Guarkernmehl in Germany, Guar gum is a dynamic alternative for conventional thickeners like locust bean gum, Xanthan gum, etc as it shows excellent thickening properties when applied even in comparatively low quantity.
  • Food industrial demand for guar powder is the largest in Germany.
  • As far as other nations are concerned, oil drilling industry has majority of guar gum demand than food industry.
  • In addition to that food industries including dairy products, condiments and seasoning requirements, ice cream manufacturing, mineral water and soft drinks production are some of the areas where guar gum is highly required.

Gome de guar  Demand in Italy and UK

Other European nations include Italy and United Kingdom where there is great demand for gomma di guar powder in food industry at large. UK also has a great demand for guar gum and it is the fourth largest nation in the world in guar gum import.  Oil drilling is the leading industry that has a huge demand for guar gum in UK followed by food sector.

Gome de guar  Demand in Italy and UK

Factors Contributing to Industrial Applications

  • Like other European nations, UK and Italy also apply guar granule for several food processing activities like in ice cream production, fruits and vegetables processing, condiments and seasonings, etc.
  • Its thickening capacity plays a major role in its acceptance in industrial applications. One more factor is that gomma di guar is a natural thickener which is applied as an alternative source for fat replacement as well.

Guar Gum in Spain

Guar gum is called as goma de guar in Spain and like other European nations that has considerable demand for goma de guar. Spain is one among the top nations that applies improved technology for processing goma de guar powder to obtain maximum usability. US market is supposed to be the first in guar import and Spain and Italy has a large share in importing gome de guar powder.

Suppliers in India

India leads the role in exporting guar gum powder to several European and American countries because of the large scale cultivation taking place in India. Indian manufacturers stick to the rules while processing endosperm into powder in terms of avoiding ingredients that are toxic.


The range of application appears to be high for guar gum powder. Its natural thickening property is a boon to multiple industries which find guar as the cost effective alternative than conventional thickeners.

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