Commercial Applications of Guar Gum Powder

Guar gum powder is an important product for commercial use. It is valued for its highly beneficial thickening, stabilizing, emulsifying, viscosity control, film forming and compatibility properties which make it an useful product for use in several industries including food, textile, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, paper processing, oil and gas, mining and explosives manufacturing. Guar gum powder is processed in controlled guar gum manufacturing units by a predefined procedure in which the seeds of the leguminous plant, Cyamoposis Tetragonolobus are subjected to processes like roasting, grinding, and polishing to obtain fine refined splits

The splits are further processed and hydrated, grounded, dried and sieved to obtain fine quality guar gum powder.

Guar gum powder has several applications as a commercial product. Guar gum for commercial applications is used as follows.

Applications of Guar Gum in Food Industry

Majority of applications of guar gum powder are confined to the food industry. Because of its cost effectiveness and excellent thickening and stabilizing properties, guar is preferred over other hydrocolloids for use as food additive. It is has wonderful ability to improve the texture of the products and prevent crystal formation in cool products such as ice creams. Powder of guar (so-called guarkernmehl, goma guar or gomme de guar) when added to the bakery products increases the dough yield, moisture retention and shelf life of the products. Goma guar as thickener and water binding agent is used in sauces, salads and dressings while also helps in controlling viscosity and mouth feel of the beverages. The product has invaluable application as viscosifier in processing pet food.

Industrial Applications of Guar Gum Powder

The industrial applications of guar gum powder lie in textile, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, oil drilling, paper, mining and explosives industries. Textile sizing, printing and finishing are a few applications where guar gum powder is used in textile industry. The product has invaluable thickening properties and is an economical hydrocolloid for commercial applications. The powder is manufactured for industrial applications and is referred as industrial grade guar gum. This industrial grade product is used in paper industry as an additive to add density, bond strength and quality of paper. The yellowish odorless powder when used in oil well drilling and fracturing processes acts as fluid loss control agent thereby increasing the efficiency of the processes. As a water binding agent it is added in explosives manufacturing process in order to improve the explosive properties of the product. Guar gum helps to maintain the properties of explosives even in wet conditions. This is an important conditioner, binder and viscosifier added in products like creams, shampoos and lotions during cosmetics manufacturing. Better concentration of ores, flocculation and better recovery can be ensured with the usage of guar gum powder in the mining processes. Last but not the least due to excellent water control properties, guar gum powder is an ultimate product for use in construction industry as a waterproofing agent.


This article has been written by Biren Patel working at Agro Gums. Agro Gums is a guar and cassia gum manufacturing company offering high quality guar gum powder, fast hydration guar gum powder, cassia powder, guar splits and guar meal to satisfy the production requirements of various industries across the world.

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