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  • Cassia powder obtained from Cassia tora is a well-known herb that is been found throughout India as well as other countries. It is a rich source of anthraquinone glycosides, also widely been used against different diseases. There are various chemical compounds been isolated with the cassia gum powder having various pharmacological activities such as anti-inflammatory, antigenotoxic, hypolipidemic, spasmogenic and antinociceptive, antiproliferative and many more.

    cassia powder

    The research found the following activities of Cassia Gum Powder in Toxicology, Pharmacology & Food Science

    1. Research found that there was a significant decrease in the level of serum markers by the hydroalcoholic extracts of Cassia tora protecting the hepatic cells
    2. Cassia powder contains hydroxychalcone as well as other similar chemicals that is been used to improve insulin sensitivity. Methanol extracts of cassia flower help to activate blood proteins as well as improves the sugar level in the blood.
    3. It also contains cinnamaldehyde. This helps to fight against bacteria as well as fungi. Also helps to stop the growth of solid tumor cells
    4. Its hepatoprotective activity helps to control the alcohol level in the body. The activity has been performed from the extract of the Cassia tora leaves. The research showed that the intake of the cassia gum powder helped to control the cholesterol level as well as the weight of the body
    5. Ethanolic extracts of cassia roots helped for renal injury in animals.
    6. Cassia Powder showed a significant antibacterial activity against Bacillus subtilis, Staphylococcus aureus, Enterococcus faecalis and many more.
    7. It has a strong antioxidant activity that is stronger as compared to Alphatocopherol.
    8. It also plays an important role in the food industry; it has 75% polysaccharides in weight.
    9. In the food industry, it is been used as emulsifiers, thickeners and stabilizer additives. It goes through a thermal treatment that involves de-husking and de-germing of the Cassia seeds. Later, by the extraction method, the seeds are been purified by applying Isopropanol.
    10. Splits of cassia consist of galactose and mannose units which are been used as additives in food.
    11. Cassia Gum powder has many applications in the food industry as well as pharmacology. Generally, it is been used in food as it gives a spicy aroma and great taste to human foodstuff.
    12. The constituents of the cassia powder like tannis, gums, sugarm mucilage etc. are been used as a food additive and is also considered as a natural ingredient

    Research shows that the cassia gum powder is widely been used in different industries. Considering the increase in the demand of cassia gum powder, Agrogum provides you the high-quality cassia gum powder. We offer with the quality product, as our product samples are been tested by well-experienced scientist, once approved then further goes for processing and final packaging of the product. Besides, we are also the exporter of guar gum powder, guar gum split, guar meal, fast hydration guar gum powder, cassia tora seed, cassia tora split, and sesbania gum powder. These products are widely used in different industries that include food, textile, pharmaceutical and cosmetic, oil and gas, paper, mining, and much more industry.

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  • Hydrocolloids are characterised by their ability to form a highly viscous solution when mixed with water. Water being essential ingredients in most of the food products, makes hydrocolloids the most favourable additive whenever there is a requirement of change of texture. Long chains of polymers, present in Hydrocolloids like Guar Gum, leads to abundance in presence of hydroxyls. These hydroxyls bind with water molecules altering the viscosity of the whole solution. Hydrocolloids are being used extensively in soups, jelly, jams, gravies and various other products to modify their rheology. They act as thickening and gelling agents while also helping improve and preserve the quality of food over a long duration of time. Hydrocolloids property to control the growth of crystals of ice and sugar has allowed it makes its way into ice-creams, dessert and similar products.

    Cassia Tora Seeds

    Thickening Agent:

    Hydrocolloid’s most important use in any food product is to provide viscous texture. The reasons why they are used so extensively in food products are mentioned below:

    1. Hydrocolloids provide high-grade thickening at comparatively low prices. Its abundance of availability and low cost makes it favourable for use.
    2. Hydrocolloids are having the ability to maintain viscosity over a wide range of pH and under high temperature. Since food products are most probably to be exposed to extensive heat and usually contains ingredients with different ph, it is important for hydrocolloids to remain stable.
    3. While hydrocolloids are fairly stable, in terms of viscosity; it is also important that viscosity can be altered as per desire. It is known that the viscosity of certain hydrocolloids, such as Arabic Gum, decreases with an increase in shear stress. This property can be used to alter viscosity as per the requirement.

    While Starch, a hydrocolloid, is relatively cheap and abundant as compared to other hydrocolloids its thickening ability is considerably low. If one wants to use starch and wants a high-grade thickening effect, he/she has to add it in large amounts. Because of such high content of starch, it is a possibility that the taste of food might get altered. Guar gum powder, which has eight times the thickening effect of starch, is used in low concentration in various food products and still gives better results. Some of the products in which Gaur gum is used are ice-cream, ketchup, fruit Juices and pudding powder.

    Gelling Agent:

    While the functionality of gelling agents overlaps with that of thickening agents, it is important to know that the gelling agent gives a gel-like texture without the presence of any stiffness while thickeners are often known for the stiffness that it provides. Cassia Tora powder, hydrocolloids, is a naturally occurring gelling agent and also add to taste of the food.  Guar gum powder has the ability to mix in hot/cold water and possess shear thinning property. This property allows it to provide gel-like texture at low ph and at certain shear stress. While most of the gelling effects produced by hydrocolloids are reversible under certain ph or temperature, there are some which produce irreversible effects. Such hydrocolloids with irreversible gelling agents are usually used in the making of dairy products. Using Carboxymethylcellulose, like that of Guar gum, consistency index and viscosity of the product increases with greater efficiency as compared to when using Xanthan Gum or Tragacanth.

    What do we provide?

    At Agro Gums, we provide a variety of hydrocolloids including Guar, Cassia and Sesbania. These hydrocolloids are available in different forms including in derivative form, Fast Hydration Guar Gum. We have been serving the hydrocolloids market since 1979 and have huge experience. At Agro Gums, we maintain a Quality Assure department and without the approval of this department, no product is sent in the market.

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  • Cassia Tora Seeds are of superior quality small, bold and shinny seeds processed through machines. They are available in different ranges which are mostly grown in different tropical regions of India. Agro Gum provides Cassia Gum Powder that is been useful in different ways.
    Cassia Tora seeds are slightly cold with the combination of sweet, salt and bitter taste. The Cassia Tora Gum is been manufactured from endosperm of Cassia Tora or Senna obtusifolia.
    Cassia Gum has the ratio of Mannose: Galactose which is 5: 1 having 75% polysaccharide. Cassia Tora seeds are having many medicinal properties which are also having different medicinal uses.

    Cassia Tora Seeds

    • There are important found in Cassia Tora which includes Aloe Emodin, chrysophanol, resins, succinic acids, Catharine calcium, iron and many more that reduces the cholesterol level and obesity
    • To reduce obesity level herbal tea can be prepared using cassia tora seeds which help to cure with the obesity problem. This tea is a combination of cassia tora powder and plant extracts. The endosperm of the seed is been processed to form powder.
    • This tea helps to manage with the overweight condition and promotes with easier bowl movement.
    • Tea that is been prepared from Cassia Tora seeds has lower amount of calories with good dietary supplements helps people to reduce weight.
    • Cassia Tora Gum Powder consists of special infusion action with alcohol which inhibits the development of dangerous microbes such as staphylococcus, bacillus coli and typhoid causing bacteria.
    • Not only with this, it also helps to cure with the many diseases like Conjunctivitis, has a disease that caused the inflammation of eye. Conjuctiva is nothing but a thin and moist membrane that protects the eyeball and the inner lid. Cassia Tora seeds help to cure with this eyesight problem and also other problems related to eye.
    • It is been used in the preparation of antiasthamtic medications, aperients, etc which helps to improve visual activity
    • The dried and fresh leaves of cassia tora plant are been used to cure with the skin diseases. It helps to cure many skin diseases which include ulcers, ring worm and other parasitic skin diseases. The leaves of this plant consist of the anti-bacterial property.
    • The fruit of the cassia tora is been used in the treatment of fever and also been used to cure the infection in the body.
    • The cassia tora leaves consists of anthroquinones which helps in the management in teething of children as well as helps in reducing constipation.

    These are the medicinal uses of Cassia Tora seeds as well as the Cassia Gum Powder. Further this Cassia Tora Gum powder when boiled in water forms high-viscosity aqueous colloids which is been used as thickening agent in different industries. It is also been used in making air freshener. There are other applications of this Cassia Tora which are mostly used in food industry, oil well drilling, cosmetics, food industry, dairy products, pet food, mining, paper industry as well as textile industry.

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