Cassia Powder – Uses in Cosmetic Industry

What is Cassia Gum Powder?

Obtained from the weed plant Caesalpiniaceae, growing extensively in the northern plains of

India, cassia tora powder is a natural thickening agent. This powder is a yellow to off-white coloured powder, when dissolved in hot water, it forms thick gels. It also forms gels with the carageenan and xanthan. Cassia powder is a polymer of mannose and galactose sugars. These sugar residues have free groups on the side chains which makes the molecule cationic.

cassia gum powder

Cassia powder is a product with a lot of useful properties. Its water solubility is the most important property. Also the ability to act in different media offers a plasticity and freedom to the various industries that utilize the guar gum powder.

What is the use of cassia tora powder in cosmetics?

  • Cassia tora powder is used in shampoos and conditioners to give a soft and smooth finish. Shampoo and conditioner both are thick vicious products. The thickness and viscosity helps in preventing over usage of the product and the consequent damage to the hair. The cassia powder used in this products, increases the viscosity and imparts a thick paste like form, which can be easily applied to the hair. Being a colloid, it forms a protective film around the hairs and thus protects them from other harmful chemicals, that may be contained in the products. Some of the product is retained on the strands of the hair and this may help to prevent the damage due to blow-drying of hair or heat applications.
  • It is used in the creams and lotions to thicken them. These products are meant for staying on the skin and thus preventing the contact of the skin to dry air. Cassia powder is inherently cationic in nature. This property helps it bind with the anionic components of human hair and skin. Thus the cosmetic product stays longer and effect is exerted for a longer duration. Also the paste like creams and lotions are easier to apply to the skin. The cassia powder also has lubricating properties, which adds to the cosmetic effect of the product.
  • It is also used in shaving gels. Being a surfactant it smoothens the movement of razor on the skin. A thin layer of the shaving gel is formed on the skin and this layer is stabilized with the help of cassia powder.
  • Being a natural ingredient it is least harmful to the skin and thus is used extensively in cosmetics. Around the recent times, we have noticed an increasing usage of organic cosmetic make-up and other products.
  • Cassia powder is also present in the foundations, concealers, etc, which retains the product for a long time. It also decreases the surface tension thus, helps the product to glide easily on the skin. The thick constitution of the products, owing to the cassia powder, allows even spread on the skin, giving the makeup a professional touch.
  • Cassia powder has a long shelf life thus making it even more useful in cosmetics. Lets face it, Makeup products are costly and are to be used less at one time. These products are preserved for long times and the longer the expiry date, better it is for the customers.
  • Soaps generally dry-off your skin and give it a tired look. Addition off cassia powder to the liquid soaps, allots a gel formation and also acts as a lubricant which reduces the succeeding dry skin.

Thus we can conclude, that cassia gum powder is highly useful product in the cosmetic industry. It can be used alone or it can also be easily used in combination with guar gum powder or also with carageenan and xanthan.

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