Cassia Gum an Eco-Friendly Thickener in Printing

The art of printing on textiles to beautify has been in existence since time immemorial. The use of natural dyes gradually went out of existence due to the introduction of synthetic dyes which can bring brilliant color and shades with good fastness. With people getting more aware of the toxic effects of synthetic dyes, natural dyes usage has again geared up. Natural dyes and thickening agents have better biodegradability and compatibility in nature. A big boom in the use of natural thickeners such as cassia gum is seen because of stricter environmental laws imposed by the governments of different nations.

Uses of Cassia Gum

Printing thickeners are thick paste used in the absorption of water for localized printing. The gum is sticky, perfect for use on textiles surface without bulging or bleeding sign. The cassia gum helps indirect painting on wool, silk, and nylon. They can also be used in printing dyes on cotton, carpet painting, blanket printing, etc. the gum gives life to printing and also act as a color enhancer. They blend well with disperse dyes in the printing process of polyester and similar kind fabric. The gum has the potential to stop premature chemical reactions in the printing process. It is also used for outlining the design by the printers.

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Properties of Cassia Gum

The cassia gum is made of macromolecules which make them excellent water absorber to create a sticky paste enhancing color value in textiles. The hydrocolloid is the most approved ingredients in making a rich content rated thickener. Cassia gum is an efficient printing thickener due to the active presence of galactose which is highly soluble in hot water and good stabilizer. It has high viscosity in comparison to xanthan gum and highly soluble than locust bean gum. Slurries from gum formulate the production of the concentrated liquid gel after hydration for a few minutes, then they are mixed with surfactant and other products to obtain cassia gum for printing in textiles.

Cassia gum an Eco-friendly Thickener in printing

The textile industry cannot obtain perfect color without the help of dispersing printing thickeners that are composed of macromolecules and their absorption ability of water. There are mainly four processes involved in making thickeners and various derivatives used by companies to produce superior quality gum pastes. it is also used in the manufacturing of cosmetic products and chemical solutions.


The gum improves the overall appearance of fabric and makes it crisp and vibrant and is specially opted for polyester fabric. It can suitably be employed in direct and alkaline discharge printing with decreased warp breakage. With the use of cassia gum dusting also decreases with improved sizing and productivity. The natural dye has long shelf life naturally and is skin-friendly too. It can be used in making fast dyes, reactive dyes as well as acid dyes. The gum is useful as a thickening and dispersant agent for dyes.

The above usage and properties prove the Cassia gum an excellent natural and Eco-friendly thickener for printing in the textile industry.

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