• The retail pet food market in Europe is currently valued over 26 billion in the year 2019. There has been a steady rise in the demand for pet care products and the market value for pets is also rapidly growing. Market research shows that there are pet animals all over Europe. These are mainly cats and dogs. The cassia gum powder is an important raw material used in manufacturing of pet food.  It is therefore important to note that as pet population increase, there is a corresponding rise in demand for the cassia gum powder.

    In the European market, Cassia gum powder is described under regulation EC no 231/2012 that describes the specifications of food additives. Cassia powder is the ground and highly purified  endosperm of cassia tora seeds that has less than 0.05% of the cassia occidentalis seeds.

    With the approval of cassia gum powder in Europe,  more organisations have started using the product in their various formulations.

    Cassia Powder Manufacturer

    Applications of Cassia Powder in EU

    Animal feeds and pet food provides the biggest market share for the cassia gum powder in Europe. Results from analysis by the feed application panel showed that only purified and semi refined cassia gum that meets the specifications of food additives is safe for cats and dogs. Some of the countries that have adopted the use of cassia powder include Europe,  Asian countries ,North America,  Africa and the United States.

    In Europe,  these have been a shift from using other more expensive gelling agents to use of cassia powder in the manufacture of products such as baby food, confectioneries, pet food , and animal feed. By the year 2025, it is expected that the European market for cassia gum powder will account for over 40 % of the current global market share of cassia powder.

    Hair Care Products

    This is an area of market expansion in Europe and other markets. Cassia powder has been found to have special hair conditioning effects. Various cassia polymers are important in conditioning air and are contained in shampoo formulations. The hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride polymers create a unique hair experience, better chemical deposition and higher performance than most other hair conditioners. With cassia gum powder being more cost effective than other hydrocolloides it will definitely gain more market share and effectively compete with other similar products.

    Stabilizer,  Thickener and Water Retention Agents

    Under the council directive 70 /254, it has been approved as a thickener, stabilizer and gelling agent. It has also been classified as a generally safe product by various authorities around the world. This is after analysis of available data showing that cassia gum and related gums lack any toxic effects in humans and animals.

    Research on Medicinal Value

    Cassia gum powder contains laxative cardiotomic, chrysophanol and other active ingredients that have made it have great therapeutic effects. Researchers have claimed that it can be used in the treatment of skin ailments and stomach complications.

    With this knowledge,  Cassia powder applications will continue increasing and hence greater marketability. The global demand is therefore expected to continue increasing.

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  • Guar gum powder is one of the most useful additives as it finds extensive application in several industries. It is also known as guaran and is derived from the beans of guar. Guar gum is primarily a galactomannan polysaccharide and thus the structure imparts it several benefits that is one of the primal reasons behind the applications. It is mostly used as a stabilizing and thickening agent that proves to be beneficial in industries like cosmetics, food, oil drilling, and many other applications. The seeds of guar are first extracted from the beans that are later dehusked, hydrated, milled, and screened as per the specific application.

    Guar gum powder is used in the application of fracking in order to release oil and gas trapped in the rock. It helps in speeding up the entire process of oil extraction and this paves for the huge demand of the guar gum powder by oil industries.

    Fracking Application in Oil Extraction

    Fracking or as it is commonly referred to as hydraulic fracturing is nothing but a drilling method that is employed to draw out oil and natural gas from deep under the ground. The process includes a well to be drilled that is perfectly cased as well. Once this is done, small perforations are made on the well’s horizontal side in which a mixture is pumped through. This mixture comprises of water, sand, and some additives in order to increase the speed and efficiency of the entire operation. Guar gum powder is one of the most popular additives for fracking and is used as a gelling agent.

    Guar Gum Powder Fracking Applications in

    As the mixture is pumped through at high pressure values, fractures on rock begin to appear at macro level that gets opened by the sand grains.

    Application of Guar Gum in Fracking

    Guar gum powder is used as an additive in the fracking application that helps in reducing friction. This not only improves the performance of the entire process but also prevents the pipes from getting corroded. Corrosion, as we all know, is one of the most common and recurring problems that significantly hampers the output of any industry. Hence, guar gum powder helps in increasing the life cycle of pipes used in fracking. Additionally, guar gum is also used as a gelling agent in the fracking process of oil extraction. It thickens the fracking fluid that helps in suspending the frac and thus its carriage towards the cracked rock becomes quite convenient. As the sand reaches the rock, the opening gets propped and hence the flow of oil or gas is allowed to the well.

    Apart from fracking, guar gum also used for other applications as a gelling or thickening agent. Some of the common usages include in food or medicines for both humans and animals. The thickening capability of the guar gum powder is eight times when compared to some of the common additives like corn starch. Thus, to obtain the required viscosity, only a small quantity is required to be added to the mixture. In fracking as well, it maintains the viscosity of the mixture in order to make sure that the proppants are flushed deep into the fractures to extract more oil.

    The Bottom Line: Agrogums is one of the leading suppliers of guar gum powder in the country. The powder supplied is one of the finest that one can come across in the market and finds numerous applications across different industries. Some of the common usages include in pet foods, oil drilling, cosmetics, mining, paper, textiles, etc. The structure of guar gum is one of the main reasons for possessing a wide array of properties that make it felicitous for applications.

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  • The global guar gum market is highly valued at over and it continues to grow. Based on research, it is estimated that the guar gum powder market will continue to grow with an average growth of over 5% per annum up to the year 2024. There are various drivers to this growth mainly from its uses in various industries.

    Oil and Natural Gas Exploration

    The oil exploration industry is one of the main drivers of demand for the guar powder. With the United States of America leading in its utilization, the demand for the powder has been constant.

    Food Industry

    The changing eating habits have also translated to an increase in consumption of convenience foods in which the guar gum powder is used as a food preservative. The guar gum offers a stable and extended shelf life to these processed foods and this is a major boost to the market growth.

    Guar Gum Powder versus Other Fracking Agents

    Hydraulic fracturing , also referred to as fracking is the process of injecting water and other chemicals deep underground create cracks and fissures and release fuel that is then pumped out in oil wells. This process has been successful at producing fuel in rock formations that were previously inaccessible.

    Over the last 12 months there has been increasing competition between the guar gum powder and other fracking liquids such as the slick water and friction reducer from China. The cost of these products is at half of the cost of guar gum powder and may pose a threat to marketing of the guar gum.

    Price Trend for Guar Gum Powder

    With the petroleum industry being among the biggest contributor to demand, competition from substitutes has the potential to cause a drop in the prices. However, this did not happen due to the sustained and increasing demand from the oil exploration in the northern America. The guar seed futures in India are still trading high as a result of diminishing supplies and improving of exports.

    The surge in the crude oil prices in the year 2019 has also contributed to continued demand for the guar gum powder.

    Global Crude Oil Industry and production Stability

    There has been a rapid increase in the production of crude oil and natural gas. This trend has created a positive outlook to the production of guar seed in India which is the main producer of the guar. In the month of august 2019, the province of Rajasthan has targeted to complete 100% planting of the targeted area of the guar gum plant. In addition the weather has been good, soil moisture has been adequate and if these conditions continue, then a good harvest is expected.

    Guar Gum Market Worth and Trend by the Year 2022

    Industry estimates show that the global guar gum powder market will be worth over 700 million USD by the year 2025. This market is expected to expand at a high rate not only from the hydraulic fracturing process but also from demand from food processing industries in countries such as china and Russia.

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  • Pickle is a term that defines many different types of vegetables that are placed in a preservative and stored for a long period of time. The pickling process can help with the process of preserving and extending the lifespan of many types of vegetables and fruits. This can include pepperoncini, okra, asparagus, cucumbers, mango, etc. Pickle is popular in many countries around the world. Having pickles with food is a tradition in households across the world.

    Listed here are a few popular types of pickles:

    • Mango Pickle
    • Carrot Pickle
    • Onion Pickle
    • Lime Pickle
    • Chilly Pickle
    • Beetroot Pickle
    • Gooseberry Pickle

    Pickles require a binding agent as well as preservatives to ensure they taste good and remain in a good state for a long period of time. That is where Guar Gum Powder comes. It is a natural binding agent and can also act as a preservative. Guar Gum Powder is derived from the endosperm of cluster beans. The seeds of this plant consist of the germ, endosperm and the husk. It is native to Asia and found in several tropical regions, like India, Pakistan, USA and Australia.

    Guar Gum Powder

    Important Stats & Facts

    • Number of people consuming pickle in 2011 in the USA was 224.47 Million.
    • In 2016, 233.32 Million people consumed (USA).
    • The figure for number of people consuming pickle in the USA is expected to rise to 237.28 Million in 2019 and 238.59 Million by 2020.
    • It is predicted that the pickle market will grow by a CAGR of 3.41% during the period between 2019 to 2024.
    • North America has a major share of the pickle market.
    • There is a high demand for pickle in the Asia-Pacific region as well.
    • The most popular pickle is that made from fruits, this includes fruits like mango, peaches, pears, apples, etc.
    • The pickle can be either sweet, salty or sour in taste.
    • Sour & salty pickle (cucumber) will help in the process of weight loss.
    • Antioxidants break if the fruits & vegetables are cooked, however, the process of pickling preserves them.
    • Pickle has the ability to boost the antioxidants in the body since natural antioxidants are found in all fruits and vegetables.

    Use of Guar Gum Powder in Pickle

    There are many benefits of using Guar Gum Powder for pickles since it has several useful properties that make it vital when it comes to preparing pickle. Here are a few benefits listed below:

    • It helps improve the free-flowing and reduce the separation between water and oil.
    • It is dispensable in cold water, acid-resistant.
    • A natural binding agent hence acts as a free water binder.
    • It is safe to consume and also has several health benefits.
    • Has the ability to increase shelf life.
    • The pickle will retain the natural taste as well as look and feel.
    • A vital preservative for pickle which is usually stored for a longer period of time.

    Guar Gum Powder is a very good thickening agent, emulsifier and stabilizer. It has the ability to hydrate rapidly in cold water and attain very high viscosity even at low concentrations. It is easily soluble in hot and cold water however, it is not soluble in other organic solvents. The fact that it has strong hydrogen bonding properties makes it optimal for use in pickle. It also has several other useful properties like film-forming and shows resistance to oil, grease, and solvents. Its application in the food industry is widespread where it is used in the preparation of batter, in baking products, frozen foods as well as the meat industry.

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  • Guar grows in many countries like India, Pakistan, USA, Australia. This goes through a multistage industrial process after which Guar Gum Powder is extracted from the Guar seed. It has several important properties likes its ability to hydrate rapidly in cold water and attain very high viscosity at low concentrations. It also is effective in ensuring excellent thickening to a solution.

    It is very versatile and effective as a natural polymer and has a large number of applications in several industries like construction, oil & gas well drilling, mining, food, pharmaceuticals, beverages, cosmetics, paper, textile.

    This article goes on to describe  properties of Guar Gum and its application in the mining and construction industry.

     Main Properties

    Guar Gum Powder has several useful properties and helps with several processes. It has an ability to reduce water and fluid loss and is used as a surfactant and for fracturing fluid, it also has high viscosity.

    Here are the properties;

    • Soluble in cold water
    • Strong hydrogen bonding properties
    • Exceptional thickening, emulsion, stabilizing and film forming properties
    • Stability to control rheology by water phase management

    guar gum powder

    Common Applications

    There are many applications of guar gum powder as listed here:

    • Bonding agent
    • Hydrocolloid
    • Gelling agent
    • Natural Fiber
    • Natural thickener
    • Emulsifier
    • Stabilizer
    • Fracturing agent

    This makes it vital for several industries like Insecticides & Pesticides, Detergents & Soaps, Paint Industry, Electrodes & Brazing Fluxes, Plywood, Leather Industry, Foundry, Tobacco Processing, Pencils Crayons, Adhesives.

     Mining & Construction Industry Application

    Guar Gum Powder is useful in the mining & construction industry due to is natural properties. It is useful as a gelling agent for gell sausage type explosives as well as pumpable slurry explosives. It has several applications as listed here:

    • As a flocculant for production of liquid-solid separation besides which it is also useful in flotation.
    • As a depressant for talc and other insoluble gangue which is mined along with the valuable minerals.
    • It is useful for using as a waterproofing agent when mixed with other chemicals.
    • It is a water-binding agent for aqueous slurry explosives.
    • It is very useful to the construction industry since it is a natural thickener, emulsifier and stabilizer.
    • Other properties of Guar Gum Powder like a bonding agent, hydrocolloid, gelling agent, solid stabilizer, fracturing agent, flocculant and natural fibre are also useful.
    • The water blocking, swelling and gelling properties are very useful for mixing it with Ammonium nitrate, nitro-glycerine and oil explosives it is possible to preserve its explosive property even in wet conditions.
    • It helps improve the performance when applied in a cement based wall putty, cement-gypsum based plasters, cement-gypsum based crack fillers, cement based texture plasters, flooring and levelling compound.
    • Hydroxpypropyl Guar Gum also known as HPG is formed by an etherification reaction with non-iconic propylene oxide reagent when mixed with guar gum powder. This is very useful for several construction applications since it improves the alkaline stability, hydrophoicity, solubility, biostability properties.
    • It has excellent water retention property which is due to molar substitution and hence it very useful for the construction industry. Also helps reduce the effect of plastic shrinking.
    • It is of great importance to the construction industry to avoid sagging of plaster and help improve its resistance to tile sagging. (for vertical walls).
    • A mixture of cement, sand and water require high bonding characteristics to improve the rheological properties. Hydroxypropyl Guar Gum is very useful for this purpose.

    Thus, Guar Gum Powder has several useful properties (waterproof agent, etc.) and applications that make it invaluable for the construction industry & mining industry.

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  • Guar Gum has several important properties which makes it invaluable to many industries including textile industry, food industry, tobacco industry and mining as well. It is an extract from ground endosperm of a Guar Plant. It is often known as Guar Beans as well. The main properties being a thickening agent, stabilizing agent, and shear viscosity.

    This article is all about what Guar Gum is and how it is useful in the Tobacco Industry.

    What is Guar Gum?

    Guar plants, which are the source for this grow in several parts of the world, including several Asian countries like India, Pakistan. Besides which it also grows in other countries like Australia, USA, South Africa, etc. It can grow in almost any type of weather condition. Approximately 80% of the total production happens in India.

    Application in the Tobacco Industry

    Every tobacco product contains additives and it is these additives that make them more addictive. One of the main uses of additives is to extract nicotine from the tobacco faster; it also helps speed up the process of absorption of nicotine by lungs. The advantage of such additives is that the effect of nicotine in the brain, occurs faster.

    There are several additives that make Tobacco more attractive. This includes Sugars, Menthol Cools, Levulinic acid, Candy, Cocoa and Guar Gum as well. Guar Gum and many derivatives of it are an important additive to tobacco products. It is useful in binding and wrapping tobacco in a cigarette paper. The way it works is when a cigarette is lit, the heating of guar gum generates several other compounds like furfural and diacetyl. The smell and taste of these compounds is what makes the cigarette attractive and addictive.

    guar gum powder

    Important Stats and Facts for Guar Gum

    • There was a decline in exports in 2014.
    • Fall in cost saw a rise in demand  in 2015.
    • The reduction in the oil prices affected this market as well and resulted in reduction of use of them
    • It was back in high demand in 2017 with market showing signs of revival.
    • We witnessed a boom in this market in 2018.
    • As per the statistics and global market analysis, it is predicted that the global market will reach 1300 Million USD by 2026.
    • Demand for this continues to rise in several industries; this includes the crude oil industry as well as the tobacco industry.
    • This trend (of increase of use) is expected to continue in the future as well, which will affect the prices.

    Other Application

    There are many other applications besides that in the tobacco industry.  Here is a list of  other applications:

    • It is invaluable for oil well stimulation, mud drilling, oil well fracturing.
    • It is useful as a deformer, synthetic polymer and surfactant.
    • It is useful in use of water based and brine based drilling fluids.
    • Useful for reduction of friction in drilling holes, thus reduces the power requirements as well.
    • It is a very important drilling aid in water drilling, oil well drilling and geological drilling.

    Thus Guar Gum has several applications in many industries. It is useful in the food industry as an additive. It is also useful in oil well drilling, for explosives, water treatment, cosmetic industry, in bakery products, meat products, dressings and beverages. There is a gradual rise in demand for Guar Gum, which is mainly due to the many applications mentioned as well as due to the fact that it is important to the tobacco industry.

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  • Guar gum is extracted from guar beans and is a galactomannan polysaccharide. It is also known as guaran and has thickening and stabilizing properties making it felicitous for food, feed, and industrial applications. Guar beans are principally grown in India, Pakistan, U.S.A, Australia, and Africa with India contributing almost 80% of the world production.

    The Guar gum due to its properties has wide industrial applications in Textile industry, Paper industry, Explosives industry, Pharmaceutical industry, Cosmetics and toiletries industries, Hydraulic fracturing, Shale oil and gas extraction industries, etc.

    Summary: Guar gum is extracted from guar beans which are principally grown in India, Pakistan, U.S.A, Australia, and Africa. They have wide application in various industry, such as- Textile, Paper, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, etc. India is the major contributor of guar gum, yielding almost 80% of world production.


    Guar Gum as Defoamer:
    Guar Gum, due to its low viscosity characteristic and ability to spread rapidly on foamy surfaces, is extensively used as a defoamer. Also known as an anti-foaming agent, a defoamer is a chemical additive which reduces or hinders the formation of foam in industrial process liquids. They are employed as an additive to prevent the formation of any foam. They are also used to break already formed foams. There are various types of defoamers, namely- Oil based defoamers, Powder defoamers, Water based defoamers, Silicone based defoamers, EO/PO based defoamers, and Alkyl polyacrylates.

    Guar Gum as Synthetic Polymer:
    Synthetic polymers are basically the human-made polymers. There are 4 types of synthetic polymer- Thermoplastics, Thermosets, Elastomers, and Synthetic Fibers. It finds a lot of application, such as- film wrap, plastic bags, pipes, electrical insulation bottles, etc. For biomedical applications, Synthetic polymers are preferred over natural polymers as natural polymers are difficult to separate from protein and other materials which can cause an allergic reaction.

    The polymers made from Guar gum comes as an alternative for non-biodegradable synthetic polymers as they create a lot of environmental issues. These polymers, since being made from biodegradable materials do not pose any pollution threats and also have a long life.

    Guar Gum as Surfactant:
    Guar gum, as a surfactant, is used extensively in cosmetics as it reduces surface tension. In shampoos, it acts as a surfactant to thin the tension making the vanishing of dust easier from hair. They create a froth or bubbles, which traps the dirt and stops it from getting resettled in hair.

    Usually, the surfactants have both- Hydrophilic and Oleophilic segments. The hydrophilic segment gets active in water whereas the oleophilic segment has a strong affinity for oils. Surfactants, on the basis of their ionic properties, are classified into amphoteric, cationic, anionic, and nonionic. Since guar gum is cationic, it is deemed suitable for making ointments & skin lotion.

    Summary: Guar gum is widely used as Defoamer, Synthetic Polymer, and Surfactant due to its structural properties. Their ability of rapid spreading on a foamy surface make them ideal defoamers. They are also used as synthetic polymer providing a biodegradable alternative. Guar gum reduces the surface tension and hence are used as surfactants.

    The Bottom line: The structure of Guar gum imparts numerous advantages and properties, making it suitable to be used for a wide variety of applications serving different industries. It is largely preferred for being used as Defoamer, Synthetic polymer, and surfactant.

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  • Caesalpiniaceae is a wild crop that grows in many parts of India. It is a shrub that grows up to 2 meters in height. Cassia Powder is commercially made from the seeds. It is mused in many parts of the world, including Japan, China, USA besides India. It is a natural gelling agent that has several industrial and food applications. Cassia Powder has a spicy aroma and taste which is mainly due the volatile cassia oil. It also contains gum, tannins, essential oils, ugars, resins, etc.

    There are many applications of Cassia Powder in the food industry, one of them is as Cassia Tea. It is believed to have medicinal value, effective for weight loss, good for the digestive system and  several other health benefits. It is also found in several herbal tea blends classified  for weight loss.

    cassia powder

    Benefits of Cassia Tea

    • It is beneficial for weight loss. The way it works is by flushing out excess toxins and residual waste matter in the body. The weight loss is mainly due to loss of water weight hence it is usually more effective along with other dietary restrictions and exercise.
    • Cassia Tea is effective in treating constipation and reducing inflammation. The reason it is effective is because it is a rich source for sennosides. This helps with rapid detoxification due to its laxative effect.
    • It is a detoxifying agent for the body.
    • Cassia gum powder is also effective in reducing swelling and is good for rapid healing of anal fissures and several other hemorrhiods.
    • It stimulates urination for the purpose of removing excess salts, fats, toxins, and water from the body. It is a diuretic, however using it can also result in dehydration hence it is a necessary to stay well hydrated when using it
    • Cassia tea is also good for skin, which is mainly due to the presence of tannin, resin and many essential oils. It helps cure acne and several other skin ailments. In addition to that it is also useful to treat wounds, ringworm and burns.
    • It is also beneficial for hair texture and colour. using it will make the hair stronger, ticker and more voluminous. It is often useful as a hair highlighter as well by giving it an ash blonde colour.
    • It possesses an anti-parasitic effect which is attributed to the presence of sennosides. The way it works is by eradicating intestinal worms and other parasites in the gut; thus helping one to obtain all the nutrients from the meal.
    • Cassia tea is good for digestion and can cure many common health problems like bloating, indigestion, flatulence, constipation and stomach pain. The most effective method is to consume Cassia tea either before or after a meal. This tea has great cooling properties and is also effective with issues of intestinal dryness, abdominal cramps and stomach pains.
    • Cassias tea has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties as well, thus it can prevent the growth of microorganisms like fungi and bacteria like Bacillus diaphtehriria, Bacillus coli.
    • It is considered a good solution for eye health and helps promote better vision. It has been a natural remedy for many eye problems since centuries. It helps treat glaucoma, dryness of the eyes, redness, pain in the eyes , blurred vision.
    • It helps treat people suffering from high blood pressure; in addition to which it can also help lower cholesterol and decrease blood lipids. It is one of the best remedies for people with hypertension and hence not advisable for those with low blood pressure.
    • It is also a remedy for those feeling a bit lightheaded or dizzy since cassia tea has a calming effect that cures those feeling faint to restore the body balance.

    Thus Cassia powder has many benefits in the food industry, including blood circulation and as an anti-depressant as well.

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  • Cassia gum is a naturally occurring polymer comprising of at least 75% polysaccharide having mannose: galactose ratio of 5:1. It is derived from the endosperm of Cassia obtusifolia which is also known as Senna obtusifolia or Cassia tora.


    Cassia gum is extracted from Cassia tora seeds by using its solvent washed meal. The solvents generally used for the purpose are water or aqueous solutions at various temperature, reagent concentrations, etc. The solution is then extracted and it is made sure that the solution does not contain any insoluble or swollen particles and they do-not develop a haze on standing. The insoluble particle which forms the residual are removed by centrifuging or filtering.

    cassia powder


    Cassia gum is used as an additive in food industry. It is used as a thickening agent, texturizer and for water retention aid in cheese-crème fillings in pastry and other cheese-crème desserts, meat and other poultry products. It also finds application in pet food and cattle feed products. The Semi-refined powder form of Cassia gum is used extensively in cosmetic industry.

    Application in Cosmetic Industry

    Cassia gum in its semi refined powder form enjoys immense application in cosmetic industry. It is used extensively as an ingredient for shampoos and conditioners, giving it a soft and smooth texture. The Cassia gum powder increase the viscosity thus making a thick paste like solution which can be easily applied to hair. This property of cassia gum powder helps in preventing over usage of the products and as a result less damage occurs to the hair. Since it is a colloid, it also protects the hair from other harmful chemicals which are present in the product by forming a thick protective film.

    It also finds application in creams and lotion. Acting as a thickening agent, it helps the cream and lotion to stay for longer duration in our skin.

    Cassia gum powder is also used in shaving gels. It acts as a gelling agent making the razor blade movements smooth in order to provide a clean and safe shave.

    Soaps has a tendency to dry-off your skin thus giving it a pale look. The addition of Cassia gum powder to the soaps enables the gel formation. The gel acts as a lubricant for the skin thus giving it a fresh and rejuvenated look.

    It is also extensively used in foundations and concealers as it helps retain them for a longer period of time. With an increasing affinity towards cosmetic products, companies are striving hard to make their products more viable for the users. The Cassia gum powder acts as a perfect antidote for the companies as its chemical properties helps in making these products more durable and user-friendly. While the researchers still pondering over its chemical properties, we can expect a lot of cosmetic products in the future using Cassia gum as an important ingredient.

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  • Hydrocolloids are a heterogeneous group of long chain polymers. Main property is the forming viscous dispersion and gels when dispersed in water. It has an ability to modify the rheology of food system. It can affect two main aspects of the food, the flow behavior (viscosity) and mechanical solid property (texture). Thus it is now a popular additive and is one of the permitted food additive in several countries around the world.

    Some of the popular hydrocolloids include guar gum powder and cassia gum powder.It also has several other properties and applications other than in the food industry. It can prevent growth of ice crystals and even withstand high temperatures besides which it is also more soluble. The other applications include pharmaceutical, mining, tobacco, textile, oil drilling, and more.

    What are Hydrocolloids?

    Hydrocolloids is a colloid system. Here the colloid particles are hydrophilic polymers that disperse in water. The reaction and state (gel or liquid) depends on the amount of water available. The are both reversible and irreversible, for example, agar is reversible hydrocolloids from seaweed extract that can exist in either gel or solid state.

    There are several other types of hydrocolloids as well and these are from natural sources. Some examples are agar-agar, carrageenan which are extracts from seaweed & gelatin. Other popular examples are guar gum powder, cassia gum powder.

    Hydrocolloids in medical treatment

    This also often comes in handy for medical treatments. A hydrocolloids dressing can provide a good healing environment and is moist and insulating. It is perfect for a wound that is free from infection since it also allows the bodies own enzymes to heal a wound. The main features of a hydrocolloids dressing are as per this list:

    • Contains gel forming agents.
    • Has a waterproof backing.
    • Available in many shapes and sizes.
    • The adhesive border is optional.

    Guar Gum Powder Exporter

    Hydrocolloids in food industry

    This has a high level of potential in the food industry and is slowly becoming one a common ingredient in the food industry. It is popular as an ingredient, food additive and health promoter. There are many advantages of using this in food since it works in several ways:

    • Thickeners
    • Gelling Agents
    • Fat Replacer
    • Stabilizers
    • Emulsifiers
    • Clarifying Agents
    • Flocculating Agents
    • Whipping Agents
    • Clouding Agents

    Natural Hydrocolloids – Properties & Applications

    Natural Hydrocolloids are known for their applications in the food & textile industry and are gaining more popularity. The natural hydrocolloids include Guar Gum Powder, Cassia Gum Powder, Sesbania Gum, Locust Bean Gum, etc. The main properties(functions) include depolymerization, carboxymethylation, hydroxyalkylation, cationization, crosslinking, etc.

    There are several other applications as per the list:

    • Building, Civil Engineering
    • Cosmetics, Detergents
    • Mining, Oilfields
    • Paints & Inks
    • Paper, Textile industry
    • Water treatment, food.


    Guar Gum Powder and Cassia Gum Powder are some of the most popular natural hydrocolloids. It can hydrate rapidly in cold water and attain high viscosity in low concentration. This is useful for reducing cholesterol and lowering blood glucose and reducing weight.

    It is perfect for textile industry since it can absorb water rapidly to prevent ink from spreading over all clothes. There are several other properties that make it perfect for textile industry like being able to prevent chemical corrosion and improve bonding.

    The other applications include an attractant, artificial polymer and defoamer, mud drilling, oil & gas drilling, geological drilling, water drilling. It has high viscosity thus is a vital drilling aid and can also help reduce fiction in the holes.

    Thus, Hydrocolloids are of great importance and have several applications.

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  • Guar is also known as cluster beans or Cyamposis tetragonoioba and many other things. It is the basic source for Guar Gum Powder and mainly grown in India and Pakistan. Although this has been grown since thousands of years it has only recently become popular for its industrial applications.

    India is the highest producer of Guar and next comes Pakistan, USA and Brazil. India is also the biggest exporter which accounts for 80% of global output.

    Guar-Gum is one of the most important product from Guar which can hydrate rapidly in cold water and also attain high viscosity even in low concentration.

    Guar Gum Powder Exporter

     What is Guar Gum powder?

    Guar Gum is also called guaran and is extracted from guar beans. It is comparatively more cost-effective and has diverse applications. It has become very popular for its special properties as per list below:

    • Thickening properly of this powder is very good and the fact that it is gluten free makes it the optimal replacement for use an additive instead of wheat flour.
    • Besides which there are also many advantages of using it. It can reduce cholesterol and lower blood glucose and even help reduce weight.
    • Prevents growth of ice crystals which makes it one of the optimal element to use for egg-free ice creams.
    • Guar-Gum can withstand high temperature like up to 80 C for 5 minutes.
    • It is more soluble thus helps with various applications.

    Guar-Gum has several applications in many industries like food, pharmaceutical, mining, tobacco, textile, oil drilling, etc. It is available in several specifications with varying levels of viscosity.

    Textile & Printing Applications

    Guam-Gum is perfect for the textile industry since it has a perfect film forming and thickening property. One of the main benefits of using it is that it reduces wrap breakage and is highly efficient. The fact that it absorbs water very fast makes it vital to prevent ink from spreading all over the clothes.

    Since it is a thickening agent there are many advantages of using it along with dyes, polyester, cotton, silk, nylon, etc.  It also enhances the quality of printing by preventing chemical corrosion. It has better erosive and writing properties, good bonding and hardness thus optimal for the printing industry.

    Side effects of Guar-Gum

    Although guar-gum is safe to consume it is a good idea to also consume plenty of water along with it to avoid choking and blockage of intestine. There are several side effects as well like gas production, diarrhea. This doesn’t usually tend to affect those who consume it on a regular basis.

    Children of the age 4 to 16 should consume less than 5 grams a day. It is also safe to consume small amount during pregnancy however it is best to avoid it while breast feeding.

    Besides this it is also not advisable to consume for those having diabetes, some kind of gastrointestinal obstruction, suffer from low blood or prior to any surgery.

    Other types of Guar Gum Power & Applications

    There are several other applications of Guar-Gum in a different form. The fast hydration Guar Gum powder also known as the quick hydration guar-gum-powder, diesel slurry guar gum. The main difference between Guar Gum Powder and fast hydration Guar gum powder being the fact that it normally takes up to 2 hours to give viscosity however with the fast hydration Guar-Gum-powder it can achieve viscosity within minutes.

    This has many other applications like as an attractant, artificial polymer and defoamer. It is popular with mud drilling, oil & gas drilling, water drilling and geological drilling. Since it has high viscosity it is a vital drilling aid and can also help reduce fiction in the holes.

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  • Guar Gum is a soluble fiber extracted from seeds of guar plant commonly used in food to bind the ingredients together. It is also used for cooking purposes including gluten-free baking.  Guar Gum Powder is composed of two sugars namely as mannose and galactose, where the guar gum is a type of polysaccharide

    Why it is been used in food?

    1. It is soluble and able to absorb water
    2. Helps to thicken and bind products
    3. Low in calories, high in soluble fiber



    Considering with the above properties of guar gum powder it also has an impact on the health when taken in the daily diet. Following shows the impact of guar gum powder on health when taken in the daily diet.

    1. Digestive Health –  As guar gum powder is high in fiber it protects your digestive system. The study found that when guar gum powder is taken in daily diet helps in improvement in stool texture & bowel movement frequency. It reduces the growth of harmful bacteria in the gut as well as helps in the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome. The guar gum functions as a laxative forming a bulky gel that moves the contents of the intestine along
    2. Controls Sugar Level – If you are worried about your sugar level, guar gum helps you out with it. As it is rich in soluble fiber it helps to lower down your blood sugar level. The study found that people who consumed guar gum powder over a six week period have a significant decrease in the sugar level. Daily intake of guar gum in your diet helps to reduce the sugar level in your body
    3. Low Cholesterol Level – Fiber when consumed, bile acids in your body. This causes them to excrete and decrease the number of bile acids in the circulation of the body. It forces liver to use cholesterol and produces more bile acid, resulting in a decrease of cholesterol level. Hence, the guar gum with fiber-rich helps to lower down the cholesterol level in the body.
    4. Weight Maintenance – The study showed that eating additional 10-14 grams of guar gum powder lead to a decrease in calories consumed. Guar gum powder helps with weight loss and appetite control. In fact, it is effective in reducing appetite and decreasing calorie intake. So it is been recommended to take guar gum for maintaining your weight naturally rather than taking with any other medicines.  You can take some amount of guar gum powder in your daily diet, else you can also use them in your cooking itself.Agrogum is one of the leading exporters of the guar gum powder. Guar gum powder manufactured is used as a thickener and gelling agent in different industries that include food, textile, paper, explosives, pharmaceutical, animal feed, mining, and many other industries. With guar gum powder, agrogums also export other products that include guar gum splits, guar meal, fast hydration guar gum powder, cassia powder, cassia tora seed, cassia tora split, and sesbania gum powder. All these products are used in different industries having different applications with its own nutritive value.

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  • Cassia powder obtained from Cassia tora is a well-known herb that is been found throughout India as well as other countries. It is a rich source of anthraquinone glycosides, also widely been used against different diseases. There are various chemical compounds been isolated with the cassia gum powder having various pharmacological activities such as anti-inflammatory, antigenotoxic, hypolipidemic, spasmogenic and antinociceptive, antiproliferative and many more.

    cassia powder

    The research found the following activities of Cassia Gum Powder in Toxicology, Pharmacology & Food Science

    1. Research found that there was a significant decrease in the level of serum markers by the hydroalcoholic extracts of Cassia tora protecting the hepatic cells
    2. Cassia powder contains hydroxychalcone as well as other similar chemicals that is been used to improve insulin sensitivity. Methanol extracts of cassia flower help to activate blood proteins as well as improves the sugar level in the blood.
    3. It also contains cinnamaldehyde. This helps to fight against bacteria as well as fungi. Also helps to stop the growth of solid tumor cells
    4. Its hepatoprotective activity helps to control the alcohol level in the body. The activity has been performed from the extract of the Cassia tora leaves. The research showed that the intake of the cassia gum powder helped to control the cholesterol level as well as the weight of the body
    5. Ethanolic extracts of cassia roots helped for renal injury in animals.
    6. Cassia Powder showed a significant antibacterial activity against Bacillus subtilis, Staphylococcus aureus, Enterococcus faecalis and many more.
    7. It has a strong antioxidant activity that is stronger as compared to Alphatocopherol.
    8. It also plays an important role in the food industry; it has 75% polysaccharides in weight.
    9. In the food industry, it is been used as emulsifiers, thickeners and stabilizer additives. It goes through a thermal treatment that involves de-husking and de-germing of the Cassia seeds. Later, by the extraction method, the seeds are been purified by applying Isopropanol.
    10. Splits of cassia consist of galactose and mannose units which are been used as additives in food.
    11. Cassia Gum powder has many applications in the food industry as well as pharmacology. Generally, it is been used in food as it gives a spicy aroma and great taste to human foodstuff.
    12. The constituents of the cassia powder like tannis, gums, sugarm mucilage etc. are been used as a food additive and is also considered as a natural ingredient

    Research shows that the cassia gum powder is widely been used in different industries. Considering the increase in the demand of cassia gum powder, Agrogum provides you the high-quality cassia gum powder. We offer with the quality product, as our product samples are been tested by well-experienced scientist, once approved then further goes for processing and final packaging of the product. Besides, we are also the exporter of guar gum powder, guar gum split, guar meal, fast hydration guar gum powder, cassia tora seed, cassia tora split, and sesbania gum powder. These products are widely used in different industries that include food, textile, pharmaceutical and cosmetic, oil and gas, paper, mining, and much more industry.

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  • Hydrocolloids are characterised by their ability to form a highly viscous solution when mixed with water. Water being essential ingredients in most of the food products, makes hydrocolloids the most favourable additive whenever there is a requirement of change of texture. Long chains of polymers, present in Hydrocolloids like Guar Gum, leads to abundance in presence of hydroxyls. These hydroxyls bind with water molecules altering the viscosity of the whole solution. Hydrocolloids are being used extensively in soups, jelly, jams, gravies and various other products to modify their rheology. They act as thickening and gelling agents while also helping improve and preserve the quality of food over a long duration of time. Hydrocolloids property to control the growth of crystals of ice and sugar has allowed it makes its way into ice-creams, dessert and similar products.

    Cassia Tora Seeds

    Thickening Agent:

    Hydrocolloid’s most important use in any food product is to provide viscous texture. The reasons why they are used so extensively in food products are mentioned below:

    1. Hydrocolloids provide high-grade thickening at comparatively low prices. Its abundance of availability and low cost makes it favourable for use.
    2. Hydrocolloids are having the ability to maintain viscosity over a wide range of pH and under high temperature. Since food products are most probably to be exposed to extensive heat and usually contains ingredients with different ph, it is important for hydrocolloids to remain stable.
    3. While hydrocolloids are fairly stable, in terms of viscosity; it is also important that viscosity can be altered as per desire. It is known that the viscosity of certain hydrocolloids, such as Arabic Gum, decreases with an increase in shear stress. This property can be used to alter viscosity as per the requirement.

    While Starch, a hydrocolloid, is relatively cheap and abundant as compared to other hydrocolloids its thickening ability is considerably low. If one wants to use starch and wants a high-grade thickening effect, he/she has to add it in large amounts. Because of such high content of starch, it is a possibility that the taste of food might get altered. Guar gum powder, which has eight times the thickening effect of starch, is used in low concentration in various food products and still gives better results. Some of the products in which Gaur gum is used are ice-cream, ketchup, fruit Juices and pudding powder.

    Gelling Agent:

    While the functionality of gelling agents overlaps with that of thickening agents, it is important to know that the gelling agent gives a gel-like texture without the presence of any stiffness while thickeners are often known for the stiffness that it provides. Cassia Tora powder, hydrocolloids, is a naturally occurring gelling agent and also add to taste of the food.  Guar gum powder has the ability to mix in hot/cold water and possess shear thinning property. This property allows it to provide gel-like texture at low ph and at certain shear stress. While most of the gelling effects produced by hydrocolloids are reversible under certain ph or temperature, there are some which produce irreversible effects. Such hydrocolloids with irreversible gelling agents are usually used in the making of dairy products. Using Carboxymethylcellulose, like that of Guar gum, consistency index and viscosity of the product increases with greater efficiency as compared to when using Xanthan Gum or Tragacanth.

    What do we provide?

    At Agro Gums, we provide a variety of hydrocolloids including Guar, Cassia and Sesbania. These hydrocolloids are available in different forms including in derivative form, Fast Hydration Guar Gum. We have been serving the hydrocolloids market since 1979 and have huge experience. At Agro Gums, we maintain a Quality Assure department and without the approval of this department, no product is sent in the market.

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  • Cassia Tora Seeds are of superior quality small, bold and shinny seeds processed through machines. They are available in different ranges which are mostly grown in different tropical regions of India. Agro Gum provides Cassia Gum Powder that is been useful in different ways.
    Cassia Tora seeds are slightly cold with the combination of sweet, salt and bitter taste. The Cassia Tora Gum is been manufactured from endosperm of Cassia Tora or Senna obtusifolia.
    Cassia Gum has the ratio of Mannose: Galactose which is 5: 1 having 75% polysaccharide. Cassia Tora seeds are having many medicinal properties which are also having different medicinal uses.

    Cassia Tora Seeds

    • There are important found in Cassia Tora which includes Aloe Emodin, chrysophanol, resins, succinic acids, Catharine calcium, iron and many more that reduces the cholesterol level and obesity
    • To reduce obesity level herbal tea can be prepared using cassia tora seeds which help to cure with the obesity problem. This tea is a combination of cassia tora powder and plant extracts. The endosperm of the seed is been processed to form powder.
    • This tea helps to manage with the overweight condition and promotes with easier bowl movement.
    • Tea that is been prepared from Cassia Tora seeds has lower amount of calories with good dietary supplements helps people to reduce weight.
    • Cassia Tora Gum Powder consists of special infusion action with alcohol which inhibits the development of dangerous microbes such as staphylococcus, bacillus coli and typhoid causing bacteria.
    • Not only with this, it also helps to cure with the many diseases like Conjunctivitis, has a disease that caused the inflammation of eye. Conjuctiva is nothing but a thin and moist membrane that protects the eyeball and the inner lid. Cassia Tora seeds help to cure with this eyesight problem and also other problems related to eye.
    • It is been used in the preparation of antiasthamtic medications, aperients, etc which helps to improve visual activity
    • The dried and fresh leaves of cassia tora plant are been used to cure with the skin diseases. It helps to cure many skin diseases which include ulcers, ring worm and other parasitic skin diseases. The leaves of this plant consist of the anti-bacterial property.
    • The fruit of the cassia tora is been used in the treatment of fever and also been used to cure the infection in the body.
    • The cassia tora leaves consists of anthroquinones which helps in the management in teething of children as well as helps in reducing constipation.

    These are the medicinal uses of Cassia Tora seeds as well as the Cassia Gum Powder. Further this Cassia Tora Gum powder when boiled in water forms high-viscosity aqueous colloids which is been used as thickening agent in different industries. It is also been used in making air freshener. There are other applications of this Cassia Tora which are mostly used in food industry, oil well drilling, cosmetics, food industry, dairy products, pet food, mining, paper industry as well as textile industry.

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  • What is Cassia Tora Powder?

    Cassia Tora or Senna Tora is a wild plant or a weed found mainly in tropical regions of many South-Eastern countries to include India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, Bhutan and even Sri Lanka. Its biological name is Cassia Tora Linn. Its seeds are crushed to get the Cassia powder. It is also called Chakravad or Pavand in Hindi and Kuvadiyo in Gujarati. It is a well-known herb due to its high medicinal value in eliminating various ailments of the kidney, liver, and intestines apart from many skin diseases too.

    Components and Properties of This Powder

    The main components of Cassia Tora seed or powder are flavonoids, alkaloids, cinnamaldehyde, gum, tannins, mannitol, coumarins and essential oils. It is also believed to contain anthraquinone. Its leaves and seeds are used in preparing Ayurvedic medicinal formulations. It can be used topically as a paste which is prepared from the powder of its seeds or leaves. It may also be consumed orally after mixingwith herbal formulations.

    Cassia Tora Powder

    As Cassia Tora has been a popular ingredient in ancient Indian herbal formulations, lots of research has been done on this. These studies have shown Cassia Tora to possess significant medicinal properties and benefits as summarized here.

    • Natural Antibiotic

    Cassia Tora powder has antibacterial, anti-viral, anti-oxidant, germicidal and anti-parasitic nature. Thus, when applied externally, it is also known to work as an effective remedy for skin diseases to include ringworm or tinea, leprosy, scabies, leukoderma, eczema, psoriasis, and acne. In short, it is a natural antibiotic. Due to the same, it is also used orally to cure many intestinal infections.

    • Anti-Inflammatory

    Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, Cassia Tora is also used in herbal formulations for arthritis and other such inflammatory conditions or in ointments for reducing swelling. This characteristicalso aids in relieving the swelling caused in various skin ailments.

    • Natural Gelling

    With its gelling properties, Cassia Tora gives an added advantage of being used as a component in skin ointments. This gel forms a good base to hold other ingredients together in an ointment, making it easier to be applied topically.

    • Natural Pesticide

    Cassia Tora, apart from having numerous benefits in curing skin diseases, is also a natural pesticide. This property, along with its gelling nature, promotes its beneficial use in cattle food and in the meat industry.

    • Improves Gastric Secretions

    By improving the gastric secretions, this herb helps in digestion. A good digestive system is a key to good skin health.

    • Eye and Vision

    Cassia Tora powder contains Retinoic Acid. It is thus used for curing vision problems and some infections of the eye including conjunctivitis.

    • Cold and Flu

    Due to its antiviral properties, this herb, when used in combination with others, helps alleviate cold and flu.


    As we can see, Cassia Tora is a magic herb, with a myriad of medicinal benefits. It gives healthy and blemish-free skin when applied topically or even consumed orally as an Ayurvedic supplement. The most significant advantage of this herb taking a lead as a herbal agent in the medical industry isthat Cassia Tora powder is very economical. Being a weed, it grows and spreads easily and thus farmers can produce it in large quantities without much hassle. Therefore, it can be availed at very reasonable prices. Try it now for a healthy skin experience!

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  • Guar gum is used in Food and Non-food industries at wide scale.  It is regarded as GRAS that means that it is safe for consumption for human as well as animals. India is the largest producer of guar gum and contributes 80% of total guar production in the world.

    The awareness about the quality of gum is increasing worldwide due to numerous reasons such as chain transparency, environment degradation and information availability about its source among the consumers.

    As a consequence, both farmers and end-users of guar gum became aware about the organic methods of its farming, to avoid synthetic pesticides which can pollute soil, air and water. There is a substantial demand of organic guar gum in many countries as it is environmental-friendly.

    Guar gum Powder
    Guar Gum: Organic Farming for High Quality Yield                                               

    Here are certain listed indications for suitable weather conditions;

    • Guar is an annual legume plant, grown in India. It is a drought-tolerant plant, and grows properly in sunlight and dry weather.
    • It can even cope with little or moderate rainfall.
    • It requires sufficient soil moisture prior sowing its seeds and during maturation. Thus, the apt time to sow guar seeds is after first rains in the month of June or July.

    The organic farming of guar crop is important to get yield of good quality, and to minimize harmful effects to soil fertility and texture. It consists of strategic method of seed selection and harvesting.

    There are other processes such as land and seed treatment, line sowing, deep hoeing and pest management. This type of farming encourages use of organic repellent and fertilizer instead of chemicals.

    • Some of the methods are described below:

    Seed Selection: Under organic farming, the organically produced and treated varieties of seeds are selected for cultivation to get high quality production of guar.

    Soil Management: It relies on the natural breakdown of organic matter of soil. Green manure and composting are some of the techniques which can provide nutrients to the soil used by previous crops.

    Pest Management: Organic pest management promotes weed suppression instead of weed elimination. The farmers integrate cultural, biological, mechanical, physical and chemical tactics to manage weeds without synthetic herbicides.

    For instance, frequent crop rotation can control the growth of weeds and promote the growth of natural microorganisms.

    Line Sowing: The line sowing method can help to achieve higher yield by reducing weed. This method helps in proper weeding, irrigation, harvesting and processing of crops. It minimizes drudgery in weeding process.

    A considerable hike in production and improvement in quality of guar cultivation was found due to its strategic and organic farming. Upon cultivation, guar gum is extracted from endosperm of seeds after removing the husk and germ portions from it.

    Organic Guar Gum: Utilization in Food & Industrial Sector

    • The customers are inclined to maintain their well-being by using natural products. They ask about the source and method of production of raw materials. Thus, the demand of organic guar gum has risen worldwide in the following industries:
    • Organic guar gum is used as binding and disintegrating agent in pharmaceuticals manufacturing. It is also used as gelling agent in pharmaceutical industry.
    • It is used in confectioneries as a gelling agent. It is also used in making ice-cream as it avoids ice crystal formation and maintains good texture of food items.
    • It is applied in the pet feed industry as a gelling agent. The organic guar husk is also used as animal and poultry feed.
    • It is widely used in textile sector as a thickening agent. It enhances the quality of cloth and fiber.
    • It is utilized in cosmetics industry for sizing purpose. It can also used to bind raw materials used in cosmetic industry.


    The demand of organic guar gum is elevated due to awareness among consumers, farmers and producers. The intake of organic guar gum is also beneficial for health as it regulates the bowel movement and boost metabolism to maintain overall health.

    Why Agrogums?

    Agrogums is a customer-centric company involved in acquiring, processing and exporter of guar gum, since 1979. The company also offers high quality of Guar Gum Powder, Guar Gum Splits, Guar Meal, Fast Hydration Guar Gum Powder, Cassia Powder, Cassia Tora Seeds, Cassia Tora Splits, and Sesbania Gum Powder.

    We have an advanced infrastructure, skillful personnel, and efficient R&D department which promote us to provide high quality products and unmatched customer services at the cost-effective rates to our valuable customers across the globe.

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  • Ever wondered to get the organic hair treatment at the cheapest rate? If yes, one can get it by using cassia powder (Cassia Obovata). Cassia powder appears like Henna powder yet it differs because of its different properties. It is derived from the leaves of cassia plant. It is also known as Neutral Heena.

    Which Properties in Cassia Obovata Powder makes hair Strong and Shiny?

    1. Anti fungal
    2. Moisture retention
    3. Excellent conditioner
    4. Anti bacterial
    5. Does not contain any chemical and preservatives

    How Cassia Powder is better than Heena Powder?

    1. Cassia powder does not leave any stain while Heena power leaves stain in hands if one applies it with hands.
    2. It moisturizes the hair but application of Heena powder makes one’s hair dry.
    3. It makes hair more glossy and shiny than Heena powder.
    4. It can be released quicker than Heena powder. One can release the cassia powder after 30-60 minutes of applying it.

    How to use cassia powder for glossy and healthy hair?

    Here, the procedure of using cassia powder on hair:

    Step 1: Mix the powder with warm water and leave it for 20-30 minutes.

    Step 2: Apply the cassia paste on the clean hair (dry or damp). Taking a small section of hair, start applying it and repeat it on the other sections of hair.

    Step 3: Take a plastic wrap and cover the hair.

    Step 4: Rinse the hair after keeping the paste for 30-60 minutes.

    Precaution: Take care that the product does not come in contact with eyes.

    Hair treatment and hair dyes using cassia powder

    Usage of Cassia Obovata Protein pack at the quickest time

    Applying cassia obovata paste on your hair and rinsing it off after 60 minutes, it can provide the below listed benefits:

    Protects damage

    It provides nutrients that are lacking in hair.  It also cures sebum excess.

    Strengthen hair

    It promotes less shedding and breakage. Thus, strengthens and rejuvenates the hair.

    Healthy scalp

    It cleanses the scalp. It cures dandruff and irritation, gives one healthy scalp. Thus, it promotes healthy growth.

    Provides shine

    If one has dull and dry hair, it can give perfect boost of shine. It is works as a natural conditioner.

     cassia gum powder in meat and poultry products

    Organic coloring and Highlights at the cheapest rate

    1. One can apply Cassia Obovata paste for 5-6 hours, rinse it off and get the hair color.
    2. One can use its paste on the section of hair which is needed to be highlighted.

    Other Health Benefits of Cassia Obavata –

    1. Cassia Obavata helps to maintain the pH value taking care of the scalp. There are various conditions like hair are dry at the root or hair is oily, such conditions occur due to hormonal change due to pregnancy or menopause, poor nutrition, medical treatment etc. Cassia Obavata helps to regulate these conditions and normalizes it.
    2. It also helps to treat specific pathology of the scalp such as dermatitis, desquamation, psoriasis.
    3. It allows you to repair with damaged cuticle and avoid dandruff due to its astringent and antiseptic properties
    4. Cassia Obavata covers the outer cuticle with a protective layer and corrects the problems of porosity of the hair and helps to fix the cracking and broken ends of the hairs. Also, smooth’s burnt cuticles, caused by heat from flat irons
    5. It strengthens hair structure providing health, smoothness, volume, and vitality and also reduces hair loss
    6. It also helps to eliminate the harmful substances so to make the hair shiny as well the natural colour is clearly seen.
    7. Cassia Obavata is used as a natural conditioner and treats the inconvenience caused by chemical dyes.
    8. It purifies the scalp, providing minerals, elasticity, and shine to hairs

    Here are some tips and uses to follow for Cassia Obavata

    • Check that it does not contain any colouring agent or any dye ingredient such as chamomile
    • Do not use metal utensils as it may affect the quality of cassia
    • You can also mix it with other natural ingredients like banana, olive oil in order to make the texture more pleasant
    • You can add cassia obavata to your shampoo as it gives a good nourishing effect to your hairs.
    • If your hairs are dry, rough or shaggy, add cassia obavata with olive oil or coconut oil that gives an additional strengthening effect making your hair stronger, smooth and shiny

    Attention: It only works on natural blonde, grey hair or light hair.

    But, one can use it with various herbal colors to get the shades of required color.

    How it does? Neutral Heena has a golden yellow dye molecule in it which promotes coloring.

    Demand of Cassia Powder in Hair Product Making Industry

    As the people are getting aware about the usefulness of cassia powder for hair, they are demanding it. The cassia plant is grown in East Africa and India. They are much in demand because people are getting inclined towards organic hair products for maintenance of their hair. The product is cost effective and has properties which can enhance the growth and shine of hair. Thus, the product is getting importance in hair product making industry.

    Why Agro Gums?

    ‘Agro Gums’ is one of the leading processor and exporter of guar gum since more than three decades. It provides quality products at competitive rates. It provides wide range of cassia and guar products. It provides products that match international standards. It has a R&D department which works on product enrichment demonstrates of product application. It provides excellent customer services.

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  • GRAS stands for Generally Regarded As Safe products.


    As we know, guar gum is a hydro colloid obtained from the seeds of the legume guar. This is utilized in various array of industries, ranging from mining and construction to cosmetics and food.


    To prevent unwanted health side-effects and to avoid the over usage of a substance, the FDA imposes some rules and restrictions on the addition of different constituents to food.


    Partially hydrolyzed guar gum, is produced by an enzymatic process on the guar gum. After this it is dried by spraying and sterilized by special techniques. After purification procedures, it is powderised and packed in to suitable packets, ready for dispatch.

    Guar gum Powder


    The molecular size and viscosity are significantly less. It also offers more stability against, acid, pH, digestive enzymes, etc. It does not interact with and denature the protein solutions. At higher temperature, its viscosity decreases proportionally. Thus as temperatures increase, it becomes easier to apply. Because of this properties, it is a preferential fiber for dietary use. Its use has increased over the past years. It is used as Sunfiber.

    Recently the restrictions on addition on guar gum have been liberalized, and now the gradual addition of partially hydrolyzed guar gum to the food products is limited only by the cGMP content. Because of this, guar gum can be added to several food items, that are more appealing to the general public. By adding guar gum, their fiber content is thus increased. Thus healthier and appealing diet can be given to the people.

    If a substance should be added to the food, it ought to be a water-soluble, colorless, odorless and tasteless product, so as to maintain the original flavour of the food.

    There can be many advantages of the guar gum as a significant component of our diets.

    The applications of the partially hydrolyzed guar gum in food industry are as follows:

    1. Used as a medicine. Even in the earlier times, guar gum was mixed with some products and heated to obtain a medicine for the treatment of digestive tract disorders. Till today, its use has been persistent. If the fiber content of the usually consumed food items, is increased, the constipation can be avoided. It also helps in diarrhoea. As this fiber is a pro-biotic, it increases the growth of good bacteria and also prevents the foreign bacterial colonies, thus benefits in infective diarrhoea. But this use has not been verified.
    2. Enhancement of nutritive value of food items. Fibers are nutritive but they are bulky and non-palatable. Their addition in day to day food items ultimately will increase the nutritional capacity of the food article.
    3. As this is a low-calorie product, which is bulky, its addition to the food items may benefit obese individuals by decreasing their calorie intake.
    4. In When added to the cereal, it helps to increase the flow-rate and thus its bowl life.
    • liquid food items.
    • Provides foam stability for the shakes.
    • Improves the suspension of the particulate in soups.
    • Improves the consistency of salad dressing.
    1. Prevents the formation of ice crystals in ice creams and other dairy products.
    2. It is used for the improvement in the texture of yogurt.
    3. It also works as a substitute of sugar in whipped cream and steamed bread. It is better than other sugar substitutes as it is a completely natural product and does not undergo any digestive process.
    4. It is used as a bulking agent in various dairy products including yogurt.
    5. It also prevents the starch dispersion from boiled rice, without the change in the final consistency and the texture of the product.
    6. Some of the studies have shown the PHGG to lower the glycaemic index. This supports its use in the diabetics.
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  • Let’s start with what IBS means?

    IBS or the irritable bowel syndrome, is an inflammatory condition of the large intestine.When body’s defense systems, mess up they start attacking our own organs! IBS is one such disease.

    So Irritable Bowel Syndrome is of two types:

    Ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease are the two forms of the disease.

    These diseases are caused due to overactive immune system. The defence system of the body, attacks the mucosa (the inner most layer of the gut canal) and causes the formation of ulcers. In other places, the area becomes swollen and reddish and painful.

    These diseases mainly cause morbidity. That is the painful condition that limits movement and capacity. These diseases rarely cause fatalities.


    These are un-treatable diseases. There is no particular cure. So these have to be managed by various measures. Medicines are generally administered. But it becomes, a little difficult to stay put with medicines for a long time because of their irritating side effects.

    PHGG or the partially hydrolysed guar gum is commonly used to manage IBS.These guar gum is safe to be mixed in the foods and beverages and is said to be GRAS – Generally Regarded As Safe guar gum. Recently the limit of PHGG as an ingredient in the food has increased, owing to it nutritional benefits and its positive effect on the irritable bowel syndrome.

    The advantages of use of Partially Hydrolysed Guar Gum in the management of IBS are as follows.

    • The original guar gum, extracted from endosperm of guar plant, can not be easily incorporate into foods and beverages, due to its thick consistency and a high potential as a thickening agent.
    • It is a natural product with a little processing that does not change its constitution significantly.
    • Even if its a bulky product, it is tasteless. It is odourless and colourless. So it is palatable and when added to other food items, it does not alter the food considerably.All these properties increase the compliance of the patients to the diet.
    • When ingested, it is a relatively inert product and is not affected by any enzymes. It does not alter the structure of proteins and fats. It can be taken along any other food item.
    • When needed to be mixed with a particular food, it can easily mix and does not change the formation of the product. In some cases, also benefits as a thickening agent and as a bulk-forming agent in yogurt.
    • It also has pro-biotic properties. Thus it stimulates the growth of normal gut flora. Increase in the same, prevents infection by other micro organisms. The normal gut bacteria also release various enzymes that increase the excretion of harmful waste products and help in better absorption of metabolic nutrients like vitamins.
    • As the intestinal mucosa is inflamed, the passage of stool causes considerable morbidity. These may also lead to psychological constipation. When these kind of fibers are integrated in diet, they absorb water and swell up. They also increase the osmotic water retention inside the bowel. They increase the bulk of the stool and also make it softer. Thus the stool passes easily without causing much pain.
    • Because of constipation accompanying IBS, many patients resort to laxative medication. With the use of fibers, the requirement of the medicines becomes almost nil.

    Most of the studies conducted so far, have not regarded dietary fiber as a beneficial component in the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome. But the experience supports the theory. Some newer studies support the use of PHGG in diet for the management of IBS. Apart from the intestinal benefits, these fibers also provide other health benefits and thus looks at improving the general lifestyle.

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