Various Applications of Cassia Gums & Derivatives

Cassia is not only used as a spice; rather it has some other popular uses too. One of them is cassia gums and derivatives. Cassia is considered as an effective carminative and tonic. It is used as a domestic as well as an industrial product because of its high carminative nature. Apart from that, there is cassia gum which is also very popular in both the sectors. The seeds of Cassia tora and cassia obtusifolia can be used to get a special kind of gum powder. It is a natural gelling agent. This gum powder is mixed with hydrocolloids such as carrageenan and xanthan gum to create an ideal gel. This gel has many unique properties that can be utilized in many sectors.

Increasing Demand of Cassia Gum Powder

Nowadays, the increasing demand for this gum powder can prove the efficiency of cassia gum as an adhesive. It has a number of industrial applications, and that is the reason for its high demand in the global market. This increasing demand of cassia gum powder and derivatives helps many factories to produce more and more product. It is now considered as one of the best food additives available in the market. The global demand for this gum and derivatives can help the manufacturers to earn a good amount of profit.

Use in Food Industry

One of the biggest industries of cassia gum is food industry. This gum is used in food industry as the emulsifier, moisture retention agent, foam stabilizer, thickener, texturizer, etc. There are cheese, frozen dairy desserts, meat products, poultry products and dairy mixes where you can find cassia gum products as an essential ingredient. That is the reason cassia gum products are considered as one of the most popular human food additives in the current market. Thus, the food industry is the field where you can see the maximum application of this item.

cassia gum powder

Other Industries for Cassia Gums

Apart from the modern human food industry, there are some other industries where you can see the application of this gum. There is the cosmetic industry where cassia gum and derivatives are used as an additive to offer safe use of various products. Other than that, there are mining, water treatment plants and paper production industry where you can find a regular use of this product. However, after food industry, the pharmaceutical industry is another big sector where you can find the maximum use of cassia gum powder products. It is widely used as a thickening agent in many industries.

The Global Market

In the early days, the use of this gum as a food additive was not very popular because most of the countries were not sure about its safety. However, recently they have realized that it is completely safe and highly beneficial to use this product in various food items. Thus, the global demand for high-quality cassia gums powder and derivatives becomes very high in the last few years. Today, India is considered as one of the major exporters of this item to the global market. On the other hand, the list of the importer of this item is pretty long that includes UK, USA, Canada, France, Australia, Belgium, Hong Kong, Philippines, South Africa, Kenya, Germany, Singapore, South Korea, Iraq, Italy, Japan, and many more others.

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