Guar Gum Powder Applications in Textile & Printing Industry

Guar is also known as cluster beans or Cyamposis tetragonoioba and many other things. It is the basic source for Guar Gum Powder and mainly grown in India and Pakistan. Although this has been grown since thousands of years it has only recently become popular for its industrial applications.

India is the highest producer of Guar and next comes Pakistan, USA and Brazil. India is also the biggest exporter which accounts for 80% of global output.

Guar-Gum is one of the most important product from Guar which can hydrate rapidly in cold water and also attain high viscosity even in low concentration.

Guar Gum Powder Exporter

 What is Guar Gum powder?

Guar Gum is also called guaran and is extracted from guar beans. It is comparatively more cost-effective and has diverse applications. It has become very popular for its special properties as per list below:

  • Thickening properly of this powder is very good and the fact that it is gluten free makes it the optimal replacement for use an additive instead of wheat flour.
  • Besides which there are also many advantages of using it. It can reduce cholesterol and lower blood glucose and even help reduce weight.
  • Prevents growth of ice crystals which makes it one of the optimal element to use for egg-free ice creams.
  • Guar-Gum can withstand high temperature like up to 80 C for 5 minutes.
  • It is more soluble thus helps with various applications.

Guar-Gum has several applications in many industries like food, pharmaceutical, mining, tobacco, textile, oil drilling, etc. It is available in several specifications with varying levels of viscosity.

Textile & Printing Applications

Guam-Gum is perfect for the textile industry since it has a perfect film forming and thickening property. One of the main benefits of using it is that it reduces wrap breakage and is highly efficient. The fact that it absorbs water very fast makes it vital to prevent ink from spreading all over the clothes.

Since it is a thickening agent there are many advantages of using it along with dyes, polyester, cotton, silk, nylon, etc.  It also enhances the quality of printing by preventing chemical corrosion. It has better erosive and writing properties, good bonding and hardness thus optimal for the printing industry.

Side effects of Guar-Gum

Although guar-gum is safe to consume it is a good idea to also consume plenty of water along with it to avoid choking and blockage of intestine. There are several side effects as well like gas production, diarrhea. This doesn’t usually tend to affect those who consume it on a regular basis.

Children of the age 4 to 16 should consume less than 5 grams a day. It is also safe to consume small amount during pregnancy however it is best to avoid it while breast feeding.

Besides this it is also not advisable to consume for those having diabetes, some kind of gastrointestinal obstruction, suffer from low blood or prior to any surgery.

Other types of Guar Gum Power & Applications

There are several other applications of Guar-Gum in a different form. The fast hydration Guar Gum powder also known as the quick hydration guar-gum-powder, diesel slurry guar gum. The main difference between Guar Gum Powder and fast hydration Guar gum powder being the fact that it normally takes up to 2 hours to give viscosity however with the fast hydration Guar-Gum-powder it can achieve viscosity within minutes.

This has many other applications like as an attractant, artificial polymer and defoamer. It is popular with mud drilling, oil & gas drilling, water drilling and geological drilling. Since it has high viscosity it is a vital drilling aid and can also help reduce fiction in the holes.

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