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  • Animals and cattle require a healthy amount of nutritious food for the production of milk, producing offsprings, and maintenance. The high protein content is considered profitable as the feed for the animal to ensure its fulfillment of nutrition amount with feed’s low consumption. Guar seed processed for the manufacturing of guar gum leaves a by-product which can be used to feed the animals, this chemical-free and protein rich feed is known as Guar Churi. It is available in the form of powder, which can be fed to animals directly or after combining it with other nutritional food. The product has been able to lessened worries of livestock and poultry producers because of its high nutritious values and safe for animal consumption. After processing it remains free from E-coli, salmonella, and other infections.

    guar gum powder

    The Guar churi is a proven source of protein and carbs which doesn’t contain any kind of preservatives or chemicals in it. It is a cheap alternative of high priced soya beans and is GMO-free, making it risk-free for animal consumption. It also helps in balancing sugar level and cholesterol level in the blood of cattle.

    Composition of Guar churi:

    Naturally, the Guar churi contains 38 – 42% of the protein in it along with a high percent o foil and albuminoid, which makes it suitable to be used as a binding agent for palletizing various raw material feeds off the animal. It is considered safe to use around 5 – 12 % of it in livestock feed, 4 – 7% in poultry, and for swine feed 5 – 7%. Churi is available in husk or powder form produced without any influence of chemicals. The high fiber content enhances its lusciousness and aids in digestion for cattle.

    The guar churi which is a by-product of guar seeds helps in the improvement of economic efficiency for animal food manufacturers. The processed guar meal is highly nutritious and promotes good health of cattle. It is very easy to store the feed and is absolutely non-flammable.

    Guar Churi Market overview

    Guar meal has gained popularity over the years. After the splitting process, the churi is refined, roasted, and sterilized with the modern machinery to deliver an utmost hygienic meal for your precious livestock. After the Guar gum extraction from its seeds, the powder or churi is processed by high temperature to remove the trypsin.

    The roasted Guar meal for animals has established its demand over many countries due to cost effectiveness. The major demanding countries include the United States, China, Canada, and many European countries. India is the key exporter of guar products, accounting for approximately 80% of the total demand in the world. The latest studies and development in the guar industries has to lead to a significant increase in its demand. Some of the key manufacturers are Ashapura proteins limited in Ahmedabad, D J industries in Jodhpur, Jainsons in Jodhpur, Kayal exports in Jaipur, Eco Export in Ahmedabad, Palva Enterprises in Junagadh, Altrafine Gums.

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