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  • In the panel of the food additives & several other nutrient source researchers presented their scientific hypothesis on re‐evaluating numerous safety catches of guar powder (E 412) utilized as an ingredient in the food additive. The Guar gum powder was assessed out with the help of a Joint FAO or WHO Committee of experts of the Food & Additives (JECFA) in the year 1970, 1974,& 1975, as it is allocated with a certain amount of acceptable daily in-take (ADI). Guar gum extracts are also evaluated from a major Scientific Committee of Food also known as SCF in the year 1977 which was allocated by the committee named the JECFA. Several conceptual frameworks are applied to avoid the risk of assessment in food additives that is re-evaluated as it comes under the commission regulation of (EU) Numb-257/2010. Guar gum powder extract is substantially unprocessed and it is also not absorbed to get intact with the help of fermenting different kinds of enteric bacteria into a human body.


    There are 0% adverse effects that are found in the subchronic & carcinogenicity studies considered as the highest tested dose; And it is not at all concerned with the respect to genotoxicity. In fact, the oral consumption of the guar gum is perfectly suitable for adults. Panel presumes that no requirement for the numerical ADI in the guar gum & as a matter of fact, no safety is concerned regarding the general count of population of filtered vulnerability evaluation of the (E 412) guar gum as one of the food additives. Therefore, the adverse effects of the guar gum powder are studied by the panel and conclude with the point from the data available that there was no adequate assessment regarding safety aspects of the guar gum in the bodies of infants & children who consume foods with several medical benefits.


    By concerning the appeal from the Commission council of Europe, panel for the food additives & nutrient sources (ANS) was questioned how is the re‐evaluation beneficial to the E 412 powder when it is utilized as food additives?

     In the answer to this question by studying various facts & figures, it is found out by the panel that several beneficial qualities and features make Guar Gum extracts (E 412) is a food additive that can be safe to consume if the amount of consumption is in the limit, and when it comes to the consumption in children & young human body, the re-evaluation is advantageous and should be done for Guar gum before adding it with any other completed ingredient of any guar item.

    It is found by European Union and Annex II, Annex III that the guar purity criteria in the guar gum additives should be more compared to the food additive before the re-evaluation of the guar gum powder One of the studies of the EU also researched that evaluated guar extracts were facing different issues like lacking adverse effects with some of the guar material and once the guar gum powder was re-evaluated every toxicity started disappearing.  

    All of the above points with various facts & figures of the collected information from the different sources of researches & studies that proves re-evaluation of the guar gum powder is found as an essential and beneficial for various aspects such as the food additives & other industrial items which contains a certain amount of Guar gum extracts in it.

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