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  • The needs of Guar Gum Powder have increased in various industries like the dairy industry, oil drilling industry, and many more, and as a result increase in the process of Guar Gum and manufacturing of Guar Gum Powder requires large manufacturing units. To fulfil this requirement, Agro Gums has established another milestone to add to the company’s values.

    Agro Gums is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of Guar Gum Powder. The journey of this pioneer Guar Gum manufacturer started in the year 1979, with the company’s first plant established with the capacity of 10 MT per day production.

    The second plant of the company was established in the year 2006 and had a capacity of 15MT per day production. India is the largest Gaur Crop grower in the world. This factor benefits the company in the form of an increased supply of raw material for production without much hassle. Agro Gums has tied up with major growers of Gaur Plant in India and has created a constant source of raw materials intake to satisfy the growing demand of Guar Gum Powder.

    Leading Manufacturers and Exporters of Guar Gum Powder

    We have recently established a new manufacturing plant in the year 2020 with 30MT per day capacity. With an amazing growth rate, the company’s total production capacity has been increased to 45MT per day gum powder production.

    This newly established manufacturing plant was inaugurated by Babubhai Patel, a Pioneer in making pulverized machine. The production plant occupies a total area of 5280 sq meter and is handled by the family-owned company. The family members have contributed to the growth of the company immensely and also have made sure that the complete norms needed are incorporated in the company’s manufacturing plant.

    A wide variety of excellent products offered by the company have made it a leader in the league of manufacturers and exporters of guar gum powder, guar gum splits, and many more. In the guar gum powder industry for the production of the best products, a key factor of maintaining no human touch plays an important role.

    Leading Manufacturers and Exporters of Guar Gum Powder

    Agro Gums has maintained high-quality production by the implementation of this fully automatic plant and ensures the quality of its products. The key features of production include proper cleaning of raw materials before use in production. During the process of cleaning different elements like dust particles, wood particles, broken splits, and various other lightweight particles are removed. This not only makes it easy in the manufacturing process, but also results in excellent products to be developed during guar gum powder production.

    The company produces pure natural guar gum with no added preservatives and chemicals. The produced guar gum as well other products have no additives. An additional feature used while production is the use of RO water. The water used in plants is pure and reverse osmosis processed and as a result, produces high-quality gum powders like guar gum powder.

    The installed plant uses natural pipeline gas with a fully automatic temperature controller for production processes. A separate space for each task like raw material processing, production process, and packing process is allotted in the plant. This makes the production process faster and efficient. The plant also has an automatic packing machine with a metal detector and sieve to ensure the packaging of the products is done properly.

    Agro Gums

    A separate warehouse in the plant ensures the safe storage of products without causing any damage. With so many features installed in the plant and precautions considered for the complete production and packaging process of the manufactured products, it is an obvious fact that the complete building is designed as per the standard food norms.

    Each and every product prepared in the manufacturing plant undergoes testing to ensure the quality of the product is as per the food norms. The complete development of a new product or testing of current products takes place in the “In-House” laboratory present within the plant.

    With each and every facility and the norm-based requirements needed in the manufacturing plant, have added to the company’s values and contributed towards making the “Agro Gums”, a leading manufacturer and exporter of guar gum powder in India.

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