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  • Obesity, increasing cholesterol, heart disease, Diabetes are the rampant lifestyle diseases that are spreading with a multiplier effect. People living in all corners of the world are facing such issues. Thus there is an urge to move to a healthier lifestyle as well as natural therapy or treatment path causing lesser side effects on other systems of the body. Guar Gum, a natural product has the answer to all these problems.

     What is Guar Gum?

    Guar Gum is manufactured from the seeds of a leguminous plant commonly as Cluster beans. It is a polysaccharide of galactomannan in the ratio of 2:1. The seeds are dried, dehusked to reveal the endosperm layer. This endosperm is ground to make Guar Gum powder. This gum is a good gelling agent, thickening agent, acts as a wonderful stabilizer in food preparations, etc.

     Medicinal Benefits

    Guar Gum has an abundance of water soluble fibers. Upon consumption, it renders the benefit of lowering the blood cholesterol level. The fibers are thought to cause this effect. The complexity of these fibers exhibits slow digestion in the human body. This helps to reduce the glycemic index of the meal triggering the lesser pancreatic activity, in turn, alleviate the hyperglycemic condition.

    guar gum a therapy for hypercholesterolemia hyperglycemia and obesity

    The crux of this magic lies in the intake of dietary fibers of guar gum which stimulates to improve the serum biochemical profile of the human blood. It reduces total serum cholesterol, triglycerides which are basically fats  and simultaneously increases high density lipoproteins level. Thus the reprofiling of the bodily system upon regular intake of guar gum fibers help to combat obesity and hypercholesterolemia levels thus decreasing the risk of heart disease to a substantial level. Furthermore, guar gum seems to be an effective agent to reduce the level of LDL cholesterol without affecting HDL cholesterol level adding to the process of weight loss.


    Hyperglycemia On consuming guar gum along with the food, the fibers present inside prevents any surge in blood glucose levels. Guar gum adds bulk to food, it further reduces the rate of gastric juices emptying into the small intestine increasing the time of digestion. This delay in digestion stimulates the overall decrease in pancreatic activity and keeps a check on glucose level. The slow digestion also helps to alleviate the satiety of a person, therefore, controlling the overall calorie intake. Guar gum has a mucilaginous texture which enhances the fecal elimination of bile acids from the body. Cholesterol is required to trigger the production of bile acids, so in this way, cholesterol gets used up too.

    Guar gum, therefore, proves out to be beneficial in treating all the three conditions that are interrelated. Alleviation in one issue can help achieve the optimum level for the other two disorders.

    The Bottom Line

    Agro Gums manufactures natural gums and derivatives which are used as raw material for the Pharmaceutical industry in making several medicines. The company has been supplying these gum for various purposes for multiple industries. The authenticity and purity of the offered product have carved the path of this company.

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