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  • Cassia splits mean that the seeds of Cassia Tora are broken into two parts. The procedure is performed carefully to obtain the best products. The Cassia seeds consist of an outer husk, a split (also known as endosperm), and a germ or ovary. The splits are used in many ways; nevertheless, importance of Cassia Tora splits in the dairy industry cannot be ignored.

    The procedure of making splits

    For the production of cassia gum, only the spilt or endosperm is used because it contains polysaccharides. The process is called as de-husking or splitting through which both germ and husk are removed. As a result of splitting procedure, both germ and husk get detached from the endosperm and then they are heated to make them brittle. Brittleness make them prone to be separated easily and lastly, the purification process after pulverization is performed.

    The Cassia Tora splits used in dairy industry remain intact in various degree temperatures. This is the reason, splits are used in several procedures and not the other forms of Cassia Tora. Moreover, as splits are bigger in their particle size, they can be easily detached from husk and germ particles by performing some physical cleaning.

    The further steps of Cassia Tora splits in the dairy industry

    Once the physical cleaning procedure is performed, the seeds of Cassia Tora are thoroughly cleaned and heated again before sending them to crush, mill, and grind. These all procedure turn them into endosperm which is then de-germed and turned into the chief product called Cassia Tora split. Nevertheless, the dairy product manufacturer also get Cassia Broken and Cassia Churi as by products but excellent for cattle feed in the dairy industry.

    To clean, heat, grind, and polish, the process of de-husking is performed on Cassia Tora. During the splitting only, the manufacturing of Cassia Tora seed husk and germ are extracted. The by products gotten from all such procedures make a perfect meal for livestock as they are rich in protein and provide ample energy to the cattle.

    Internationally, such products for feeding cattle are called as Cassia Tora Meals which are in great demands worldwide. The importance of Cassia Tora splits in the dairy industry is mainly due to such products and by products.

    Pure Dairy Products from Cassia Tora

    Pure dairy products from Cassia Tora

    The main use of Cassia Tora contents in dairy industry is to use cassia gum in thickening, emulsifying, and stabilizing the dairy products. Furthermore, the gum is also used to retain the moisture and maintain the texture of dairy products such as frozen dairy desserts, cheese, paneer mixes, and meat products plus poultry stuff.

    Dairy industries obtain a lot of benefits from Cassia Tora, especially Cassia Tora splits as not only their products but by-products are also utilized to their fullest potentials. It is one such product that is used by both cattle and humans. More and more industrialists, for this very reason, are now getting into the business of Cassia Tora seed splits.

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