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  • A beautiful fresh air is everyone’s desire. Purity and freshness in the air not only changes the mood but also soothes our mind. To maintain the freshness around our living space, artificially prepared fresheners with multiple fragrances are available in the market in the form of gel or spray.

    Gel air fresheners last long as it is made up of gelatin polymer. One particular Fragrance oil is mixed into the gel and the scent is trapped by the gel. This is the reason why gel retains the fragrance for a longer period. This gelatin polymer can be replaced by cassia gum which too has a gelling property.

    How does Cassia Gum act as Air Freshener Gel?

    Cassia tora is the plant that generally grows as a weed in most parts of India. The seeds of this plant are dried, debunked and grinded to make a pale yellow powder called cassia gum powder. This gum is a wonderful gelling agent which can be put to use in many industries. Cassia is made up of some chemical constituents like gum, cinnamaldehyde, tannin, mannitol, and few essential oils. In addition to these, sugars and resins are also present. These chemicals promote the binding capacity of this gum. Therefore, this gum has the intended use as an intensifier, emulsifier,  foam stabilizers, moisture retention agent in the food industry.

    Cassia gum is a polysaccharide of galactomannan having a weight of 200000 to 300000 Daltons. Upon its addition to hot water, it becomes soluble and cooling of this liquid renders viscosity to this fluid. However, cassia gum can’t make gel on its own. It needs to be mixed with xanthan or carrageenan gum to convert the aqueous solution to high viscosity fluid. Cassia gum forms hard and thermoplastic gels when combined with carrageenan.  It is highly stable and gel strength increases with the rise in the percentage of cassia gum.

    cassia gum application in air freshener gel

    Cassia gum has moisture retention ability therefore it traps the fragrance for long. Air fresheners are made by primarily using a gel base which can be cassia gum mixed with carrageenan gum in this case. Gel is added to water and is brought at boiling temperature. This mixture is removed from the heat and then essential oil of particular fragrance is added into this. In this way, the fragrance is trapped and gel solidifies upon cooling. It is now easily stored and can be used in rooms, cars, bathrooms, etc. in order to beat the foul smell.

     The market size of Air Freshener Gel

    With an increase in affinity for air fresheners, the experts are forecasting the global market to reach $ 14 billion dollars by 2024. Rise in overall disposable income and a better lifestyle has invoked people to spend more on luxury items. This is the reason behind the rapid increase in the market size of air freshener gels.


    The Bottom Line

    Agro Gums is a three-decade old company specializing in natural gums and its derivative. Having a setup base in Ahmedabad the company has always set an example for its success and glory. Its international and domestic clientele has been assuring and affirming feedback for the authentic products that the company offers.


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