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  • The retail pet food market in Europe is currently valued over 26 billion in the year 2019. There has been a steady rise in the demand for pet care products and the market value for pets is also rapidly growing. Market research shows that there are pet animals all over Europe. These are mainly cats and dogs. The cassia gum powder is an important raw material used in manufacturing of pet food.  It is therefore important to note that as pet population increase, there is a corresponding rise in demand for the cassia gum powder.

    In the European market, Cassia gum powder is described under regulation EC no 231/2012 that describes the specifications of food additives. Cassia powder is the ground and highly purified  endosperm of cassia tora seeds that has less than 0.05% of the cassia occidentalis seeds.

    With the approval of cassia gum powder in Europe,  more organisations have started using the product in their various formulations.

    Cassia Powder Manufacturer

    Applications of Cassia Powder in EU

    Animal feeds and pet food provides the biggest market share for the cassia gum powder in Europe. Results from analysis by the feed application panel showed that only purified and semi refined cassia gum that meets the specifications of food additives is safe for cats and dogs. Some of the countries that have adopted the use of cassia powder include Europe,  Asian countries ,North America,  Africa and the United States.

    In Europe,  these have been a shift from using other more expensive gelling agents to use of cassia powder in the manufacture of products such as baby food, confectioneries, pet food , and animal feed. By the year 2025, it is expected that the European market for cassia gum powder will account for over 40 % of the current global market share of cassia powder.

    Hair Care Products

    This is an area of market expansion in Europe and other markets. Cassia powder has been found to have special hair conditioning effects. Various cassia polymers are important in conditioning air and are contained in shampoo formulations. The hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride polymers create a unique hair experience, better chemical deposition and higher performance than most other hair conditioners. With cassia gum powder being more cost effective than other hydrocolloides it will definitely gain more market share and effectively compete with other similar products.

    Stabilizer,  Thickener and Water Retention Agents

    Under the council directive 70 /254, it has been approved as a thickener, stabilizer and gelling agent. It has also been classified as a generally safe product by various authorities around the world. This is after analysis of available data showing that cassia gum and related gums lack any toxic effects in humans and animals.

    Research on Medicinal Value

    Cassia gum powder contains laxative cardiotomic, chrysophanol and other active ingredients that have made it have great therapeutic effects. Researchers have claimed that it can be used in the treatment of skin ailments and stomach complications.

    With this knowledge,  Cassia powder applications will continue increasing and hence greater marketability. The global demand is therefore expected to continue increasing.

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