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  • Guar Gum is the primary ingredient of the Guarana herb, popularly known as “potency tea”. This herbal supplement is used worldwide for treating diabetes, hypertension, stress, ulcers, varicose veins, insomnia, depression, and fatigue. Guar Gum serves as a gastrointestinal (GI) tonic due to its calming and appetite suppressing effects. The active ingredients include the amino acid-containing complex and numerous flavonoid compounds. Guar Gum has been clinically proven effective for alleviating symptoms of diarrhea, gastritis, dyspepsia, indigestion, and peptic ulcers.

    Guar Gum, also known as guaran, is an organic galactomannan polymer extracted from kidney beans that have strong laxative and bulging-out properties useful in human, food, drink, pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications. The guar berries are mechanically heated, dehydrated, screened, and ground into powder. Industrial products made from this pulp are now being sold all over the world. However, Guar Gum E412, the most commonly sold variant, is not a true Guar Gum but a processed sugar-based thickener with no apparent nutritional or medical benefits.

    Guar Gum Powder

    The manufacturers of Guar Gum E412 claim that their product is a genuine Guar Gum with all the benefits of authentic gum. However, the Food and Drug Administration of the United States has banned the production of guar gum e412 under the guise of a ‘fraudulent’ product. According to the FDA, Guar Gum E412 contains the chemical guaranine, which is considered a drug substance. The FDA banned the manufacture, distribution, labeling, and sale of the product because it was found that the ingredient guaranine is not approved as a food or dietary supplement, hence it cannot be marketed as a health product or dietary component.

    The FDA’s investigation into Guar Gum E412 also revealed that the manufacturers used guar gum e412 as a stabilizer in dairy products, such as milk and yogurt, in violation of the marketing bans against the ingredient in food and dietary supplements. It was also discovered that the thickener was added to yogurt in order to make it thicker and creamier rather than promote the thickening process. Yogurt is thickened with a creamy ingredient known as lactose. Guar Gum E412 contains only trace amounts of lactose and as a thickener, it is not suitable for use in dairy products. In fact, the FDA has stated that it is not suitable for use in foods and diet supplements because of its weak nutritional value.

    Guar Gum Powder

    The FDA’s investigation into the manufacturing process of Guar Gum E412 revealed that the stabilizer had not been added to the dough while it was being made in the manufacturing plant. The manufacturing process left a residue from the stabilizer in the final batch of product which was later added to breads, cakes, biscuits and other baked goods sold commercially. As a result, these products contained Guar Gum E412, a material that is not appropriate for use as a stabilizer and could potentially cause severe health hazards to those who are allergic to the stabilizer. As a result, all products containing the stabilizer must be recalled and all distribution methods stopped.

    Guar Gum E412 is a food and dietary supplement that is sold in pill, powder, tablet, liquid, and spray forms. Guar Gum E412 is available for purchase online. To avoid possible toxins that may be absorbed through the skin, powders and liquids are recommended for ingestion. For individuals who are interested in buying Guar Gum E412, it is recommended that one visit a pharmacy or nutrition store to purchase the product to avoid exposure to emulsifiers, binders, and stabilizers.

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