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  • Guar Gum is a soluble fiber extracted from seeds of guar plant commonly used in food to bind the ingredients together. It is also used for cooking purposes including gluten-free baking.  Guar Gum Powder is composed of two sugars namely as mannose and galactose, where the guar gum is a type of polysaccharide

    Why it is been used in food?

    1. It is soluble and able to absorb water
    2. Helps to thicken and bind products
    3. Low in calories, high in soluble fiber



    Considering with the above properties of guar gum powder it also has an impact on the health when taken in the daily diet. Following shows the impact of guar gum powder on health when taken in the daily diet.

    1. Digestive Health –  As guar gum powder is high in fiber it protects your digestive system. The study found that when guar gum powder is taken in daily diet helps in improvement in stool texture & bowel movement frequency. It reduces the growth of harmful bacteria in the gut as well as helps in the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome. The guar gum functions as a laxative forming a bulky gel that moves the contents of the intestine along
    2. Controls Sugar Level – If you are worried about your sugar level, guar gum helps you out with it. As it is rich in soluble fiber it helps to lower down your blood sugar level. The study found that people who consumed guar gum powder over a six week period have a significant decrease in the sugar level. Daily intake of guar gum in your diet helps to reduce the sugar level in your body
    3. Low Cholesterol Level – Fiber when consumed, bile acids in your body. This causes them to excrete and decrease the number of bile acids in the circulation of the body. It forces liver to use cholesterol and produces more bile acid, resulting in a decrease of cholesterol level. Hence, the guar gum with fiber-rich helps to lower down the cholesterol level in the body.
    4. Weight Maintenance – The study showed that eating additional 10-14 grams of guar gum powder lead to a decrease in calories consumed. Guar gum powder helps with weight loss and appetite control. In fact, it is effective in reducing appetite and decreasing calorie intake. So it is been recommended to take guar gum for maintaining your weight naturally rather than taking with any other medicines.  You can take some amount of guar gum powder in your daily diet, else you can also use them in your cooking itself.Agrogum is one of the leading exporters of the guar gum powder. Guar gum powder manufactured is used as a thickener and gelling agent in different industries that include food, textile, paper, explosives, pharmaceutical, animal feed, mining, and many other industries. With guar gum powder, agrogums also export other products that include guar gum splits, guar meal, fast hydration guar gum powder, cassia powder, cassia tora seed, cassia tora split, and sesbania gum powder. All these products are used in different industries having different applications with its own nutritive value.

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