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  • In the modern times there has been renewed interest in what can be obtained through the natural resources, such as herbs and seeds, especially those that have special characteristics. The cassia Tora is one such plant that is gaining acceptance as a worthy alternative to conventional medicine.

    This herb is an oriental shrub that occurs as a weed during the rainy seasons in the continent of India.

    According to the Chinese, the plant has been very important in the management of disorders such as night blindness, hypertension, constipation and hypercholesterolemia.

    Cassia Tora Powder

    Pharmacological Activity

    Some important pharmacological activities of the cassia-based medicine include acting as; hypolipidemic, antihepatotoxic, hypoglycemic, anti-mutagenic, and anti-fungal activity.

    Medicinal Properties

    Some of the important compounds found in the cassia tora plant include the aloe-emodin, chrysophanol, resins, stearic, succinic acids, tartaric acid, Catharine calcium, iron,and many more which have a lot of medicinal uses.

    Use of Cassia Powder in the Management of Conjunctivitis

    Conjunctivitis is a condition affecting the eyes that causes the inflammation of the eyes. The conjunctiva is a thin and moist membrane that protects the eyeball and the inner eyelid. This problem is caused by bacteria and leads to redness of the eyes and discharge occurs. It is a contagious infection. When this condition is not attended it may lead to blindness.Experienced doctors and traditional medicine have found the cassia powder is very effective in the management and prevention of this eye disease and many more.

    Cassia Powder and Management of Skin Ailments

    Research has also shown that the cassia tora extract is effective in treatment and cure of skin diseases such as ring worms, itching of the body, scratches, psoriasis and management of skin allergies. It has also been known to improve the glow of the skin as well as complexion.

    Laxative Action of the Cassia Tora Powder

    Laxatives are products or substances that loosen the stool therefore enhancing bowel movements. In action, the substances absorb liquid in the stool to form soft and bulky stool. This eliminates all constipation problems.The cassiapowder has been found to have great effect in stimulating the cleansing and evacuation of the bowels.

    Aryuvedic Properties

    The cassia tora powder has also been recognized as one of the major aryuvedic medicines useful in the Indian subcontinent. Aryuvedic medicine is a form of alternative treatment regime that focuses on combining health of the body, mind and soul. It is believed to help people to live longer, healthier and more balanced lives, absence of regular drugs consumption, surgeries and pain.In this form of treatment, the cassia has the property of enhancing digestion, vomiting as well as purging therefore giving the sensation of lightness and wellness in the body.

    Other Important Uses

    Other therapeutic uses of the cassia plant include treatment of asthma, intestinal parasites,itching, coughs, paralysis, skin diseases, tumors and wounds. The plant has been classified as a generally safe product by majority of the nations and has gained widespread acceptance in all the continents. In some cases, it has been found to have effect on the management of depression, increase libido,treatment of rheumatism and diabetes.

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