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  • Guar Gum and its Industrial Importance

    Guar gum powder is extracted from the endosperm of guar bean seeds and it is widely applied in food, mining industries and moderately applied in paper industry for its viscosity and solubility in hot and cold water.

    Why Food Industry receives major Demand for Guar Gum Granule?

    Guar granule production faces great demand in food industries for the extreme productivity that can be obtained by adding this ingredient. It brings out desired food texture when combined with different ingredients like calcium sulfate, sodium citrate, etc,


    Application varieties in Food Industries

    Guar extract stabilizes fantastically when missed with dairy products; hence, it is applied widely in ice cream mix, curd preparation, soft cheese preparation, etc. Similarly, adding guar granule in least amount offers soft texture to the dough that is prepared in bakery. In addition, its water binding property helps in meat processing and pet food industries as well.

    Guar Granule in the place of Corn Starch

    Guar granule has great viscosity and hence in recent days it has been applied in the place o f corn starch. Food preparations that generally require corn starch as an ingredient can be alternatively made by using only one fourth portion of guar powder as very little amount of gommeguar can bring out great viscosity to the food product.

    Application of Corn Starch

    Corn starch is applied in food industries like bakery products and pastries as they found to increase the volume of the baked stuff by many times. However, guar endosperm can enhance the productivity by several times than corn starch and the amount of usage is comparatively lesser than corn starch.

    Properties that make Guar Gum as a better alternative to Corn Starch

    Small quantity of guar extract will not change the original flavor of the food preparation and it is a suitable alternative for people who are concerned about diet.  When compared with the carbohydrate level, gommeguar powder has absolutely very less carbohydrate level and can be added to increase the volume of food without affecting the taste.

    Types of food preparations that demands low starch content

    People who follow dieting prefer to consume soups, sauces, stews as alternative food choices to compensate their appetite.  Cornstarch stayed an important ingredient to increase stability and viscosity in soups and sausages; however, guar gum powder is recommended in recent days to obtain the same food preparations but with low carbohydrate.

    Guar gum granule to reduce Protein Level

    Guar granule is also applied as a blending ingredient to obtain food preparations with reduced protein level. Similarly, baked products become much softer with guar blend than with corn starch. In addition to that adding subsequent quantity of guar gum extract to different bakery items stays a good method to reduce excess starch and protein as well.

    Finding the Right Source to get hold of Quality Guar Gum

    India occupies the leading position in cultivating and processing guar gum powder. AGRO GUMS is a reputed manufacturer and supplier of high quality guar gum granule and they process different grades of guar granule to suit different industrial needs. Get more details, visit –


    Corn starch had been in usage for different food preparations. The quantity of corn starch that needs to be applied is relatively more when compared to using guar gum powder. In addition, guar extract stays an attractive ingredient to transform food preparations into dietary products.

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