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  • Both Guar & Cassia is known for their culinary usage. They have other usage too like gum derivative. However, before you buy and use them, you should know about the certifications that are required for a company to prepare these gums. These certifications can be obtained by various reputed national or international organizations and has high value in the food industry. Nonetheless, before you see the certifications make sure you understand what are they for or what they certify. All of them have some distinct features with a basic similarity in nature.

    BRC Certificate

    This is a certification that is used by the cassia gum suppliers of 123 countries from all across the world. The certification is the proof of the safety, high quality and other operational criteria while preparing the food. When a company can show you this certificate then you can become sure that the company is out of any legal liabilities. The certification can be used in all these 123 countries and that is the reason it is called a global certification.

     FSSC 22000:2013

    The full form of FSSC is Food Safety System Certification. The very name of this certification suggests the purpose of the same. It is given to prove the safety and high quality of the food items. It is a global certification and should be obtained by the companies that manufacture food products. It ensures that the company has a strong Food Safety Management System. Already this certification is achieved by 12000 organizations in 140 countries and they gain the trust of their consumers.

    Certifications in Guar & Cassia Gum Derivative Production

    Kosher Certificate

    This is also a certificate offered to the food manufacturing companies but as a proof of a certain element. Companies that avail this certification ensure that the foods they prepare in their factories are kosher or they can be consumed by the observant Jews. The term Koshar depicts a religious dietary practice. This is mainly for the Jews. However, this certificate also proves the purity and safety of the food item that you manufacture in your factories.

    Halal Certificate

    Halal is an Arabic word and the meaning of this word is permissible. When it is used for the foods then it means food items that are permissible according to the Islamic law. Having this certificate for your food items will prove that these products are fit according to that law. That means the observant Muslims can consume that food without any doubt.

    DIOXIN Test Reports

    Dioxin refers to a general term, which mainly describes a huge group of chemicals that are highly present in the environment for long time. These groups of chemicals have huge impact on food and human health. Thus, foods producing companies should have this test report to show that the percentage of these chemical compounds present in their food items is not harmful for the consumers.

    Formaldehyde and Pentachlorophenol Test Reports

    Both these chemicals can be used as pesticide and thus they have harmful impact on food items. That is the reason you should have this test report to prove that your food items are free from the excessive use of these harmful elements and are safe for the consumers.

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