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  • Many of you might well know the fact that guar gum is a natural hydrocolloid extract of guar seeds that is capable of forming a thick solution with low concentration. It is also soluble in cold water. This consists of various properties and due to that it is used in a range of industries like oil & gas, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. There are various functions that are performed by this gum like emulsifying, gelling, stabilizing and also thickening. It is also used as an additive in nutrition industry such as bakery, dairy, frozen, dressing and sauces.

    guar gum powder

    As compared to guar gum, cassia gum has limited applications in the industry and is mainly used as a diet additive in food and beverage manufacturing industry. Both the gums have gelling properties and are used as a thickener in diet and beverage industry.

    Thus, it can be said that some of growth trends of this market is going to be influenced by nutrition market and its related sectors.

    Demand and Supply Overview of Cassia Gum

    In present times, there is an increased demand for such gum powders all across the globe due to its industrial application. The global market of this gum is going to show uniform demand owing to its expansion as an accepted replacement for guar gum and its derivatives. It is also said that there has been limited research and awareness that will boost developmental activities.

    However, supply of it will show an upward trend in the global market with approval for regulations in different regions and leading innovations that are taking place in the preparations, confectionary dairy and pet food.

    It will also upsurge due to the fact that companies are increasingly using this particular additive in their products due to its traditional properties.

    cassia powder


    Market Trends of the Guar Gum

    It can be said that this additive and its derivatives will show significant market supply primarily owing to the demand of oil and gas commerce. The range of application for this gum is quite broad and there are several food and beverages where guar secretion is regarded as the first preference of manufacturers. It meets the consumer needs by providing with value-added and healthy means products.

    However, there are a few restraints that are going to have an impact on production of it and its derivatives such as overall imbalance of demand and supply and shortages of raw materials.

    Segmentation of Global Industry

    In the food and beverage production, cassia gum is also used in pet nutriment production, but apart from that sector, both of the gum derivatives are used in meat products, dairy and confectionary and other natural food additives. The growth in demand of convenience nourishment is going to boost guar gum production.

    On the other hand, demand for this specific additive will be seen in sub-segment of the business such as cosmetics that is expected to rise in future. Its formulations and preparations will find increased usage in hair care products owing to properties like hair conditioning.

    The key players of guar gum market have adopted investment and expansion by launching new products in this sector that will garner greater market share.

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