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  • Evaluation of Food Ingredients

    Food ingredients have to be considered as important matters of concern when it comes to food evaluation. These are used for different reasons and play a major role in deciding the quality and shelf life of processed food. These can be classified into direct and indirect. Direct components are those that are approved for specific purpose and indirect ones have to be applied in trace as they are preferred for storage or packaging requirements. However, all these have to be evaluated based on the below criteria in order to maintain safety of consumption and eliminate toxicity.

    • 1. Administering Regulatory Policies
    • 2. Daily Consumption Levels that suits human beings
    • 3. Safety and Freshness Sustained
    • 4. Improving Texture and Taste over safer grounds of application
    • 5. Reports and information ensuring purity of the ingredient,
    • 6. Dietary intake levels proved by scientist and subsequent health safety
    • 7. Chemical Identity
    • 8. Maintain Nutritional Value
    • 9. Should match GRAS requirements

    Observations and Approvals for Guar Gum Powder Usage

    FDA imposes Code of Federal Regulations for application of food grade products in processing or preparation of packed food items. The regulations are revised every year after approval of the respective products. Among the list of recommended food ingredients guar gum powder plays a significant role in processing industry. There are many eatables produced using this component as a direct ingredient. It is applied for multiple benefits like emulsifiers, thickeners, flavor enhancing agents, etc. Dairy products, yogurt, desserts are prominent among the preparations where guar gum powder is applied for specific results.

    According to the revised Federal Regulations released in April 1st 2014, Guar gum powder can be used as per the following levels and in accordance with the type of materials in which they are blended.

    Food Name Percentage of Application (Recommended level) Functional Aspects
    Bakery Food products, baking mixes, 0.35 Can be used for emulsifying, stabilizing and thickening purpose
    Breakfast Cereals 1.2 Stabilizer and thickener
    Cheese .8 Stabilizing and thickening purpose
    Dairy Products 1.0 Firming Agents, formulation aid, and stabilizing agent
    Fats and Oil 2.0 Stabilizing and thickening ingredient
    Processed Vegetables, Vegetable Juices 2.0 Formulation aid
    Soups and soup mixes .8 Formulation aid
    Milk Products .6 Formulation aid
    Jams and Jellies 1.0 Formulation aid

    Additives which are used for more than one reason

    Apart from the application of guar gum for its general properties, it is also used as additive for more than one reason. The suitability and safer processing methods of this product makes it applicable at different levels. For example, it is used as fat replacer and mouth feel producer in baked goods, frozen desserts, confectionary, cake and dessert mixes. This ingredient is found to produce uniform texture and keep the eatable bind with other components and provide good mouth feel.

    Gaur Gum Producers

    Finding the best quality guar powder is more important when it comes to application on broader level. Processing seed endosperm with least or nil toxicity is more important for successful business and Agrogums has been following this principle in the production of safe food grade gum powder of guar seeds. Our products are manufactured as per FDA norms and therefore we are able to gain good clients from all over the world.


    Food ingredients are of different varieties. Guar gum powder is one among them that is directly applied in eatable processing industries for its wide range of properties. It is approved by FDA for safety of usage.

    This article has been posted by working at Agro Gums. Agro Gums is a guar and cassia gum manufacturing company offering high quality guar gum powder, fast hydration guar gum powder, cassia powder, guar splits and guar meal to satisfy the production requirements of various industries across the world.

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