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  • History of Guar Usage

     Guar bean, also known as cluster bean has been in usage as a vegetable since ages. The history of consuming guar can be traced out in different nations. India, Pakistan, Africa, remain some of the important regions among them.

    History of Guar Usage

    Agricultural Background

    When it comes to agricultural background, this crop can be grown in different soil conditions. However, best outcome can be reached if the soil is fertile, medium textured or sandy loam type of soil. Even well drained sub-soils are also suitable for growth. It is categorized under draught resistant plant, however, moisture is considered important requirement for uninterrupted growth.

    Agricultural Background of guar gums

    Extraction of Endosperm-Influencing More Cultivation

    But, now research people have targeted the inherent viscosity and emulsifying properties of cluster bran and extract the required material called endosperm from the seeds and process the same to make it suitable for bulk production.

    Natural Factors Required for Guar Plant Growth

    Coming to the cultivating part, this plant can grow in dry as well as wet climate. Regions which received moderate rainfall are considered quiet suitable to confidently seek considerable growth. In addition to that, soil conditions and irrigation requirements have also to be considered as prominent subject of growth. In accordance with this requirement, guar seeds have also to be prepared to match demand. It requires the same kind of cultivation like that of cotton plant, wherein, it has to be planted 36 to 40 inch row with 10 to 20 inches of row spacing. This type of sowing helps to increase yields provided adequate moisture is also present.

    Natural Factors Required for Guar Plant Growth

    Cultivation Requisites to Meet Seed Demand

    When it comes to commercially irrigating, farmers have to look for sources which can help them to produce crop even in undesirable climate, choose the high yield variety in short duration, applying technically innovative mechanisms to help agricultural activities, find out sources to grow good and bulky seed varieties, etc.

    Support of R & D

    Due to the growing demand of this cluster bean, many manufacturers focus their attention of producing guar gum and other types of byproducts suggest with different methods with the help of R & D professionals. Some of them are finding the right kind of short duration crops, high yield varieties, application of safe pest resistance materials, etc.

    Cultivation Requisites to Meet Seed Demand and Rules Followed by Farmers

    Rules Followed by Farmers

    The rules followed by farmers differ in accordance with the available resources they can manage with. They need to keep up with early preparation of farming land and application of mechanical cultivation methods for sowing seeds. This would help them out to get more yields in moderate investment.

    Percentage of Cultivation and Yield

    Percentage of irrigation depends on the import demand from different nations. It also largely depends on how industries apply this product after processing. Farmers need to provide raw materials as demanded by the industries. Therefore they also need to attend to the demand requests from different directions.

    Percentage of Cultivation and Yield

    Obtaining Maximum Productivity in Small Area

    Due to increasing demand, it becomes quiet challenging for farmers in certain countries to keep up with growth meeting the demand. They have been conditioned to grow in different climatic conditions, depend on available water resource, make high yield in short duration, take care of pest control, etc

    Growing for Commercial Purpose

    Commercial applications are increasing the demand day by day. As a result, many countries are now focusing about importing majority shares of seeds to be transformed into industrial grade and achieve higher productivity. The chart below illustrates the increase in export of guar gum from India.


    Guar belongs to annual plant range and they are grown for industrial requirement apart from domestic usages. The kernels are the major resource of obtaining high returns on investment. Agro Gums is one of the major exporters of guar and other plant seeds and extracts in different forms like gum powder, meal, husks and splits to different nations.

    This article has been posted by working at Agro Gums. Agro Gums is a guar and cassia gum manufacturing company offering high quality guar gum powder, fast hydration guar gum powder, cassia powder, guar splits and guar meal to satisfy the production requirements of various industries across the world.

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