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  • Increased health concerns in the world and increasing cases of conditions such as diabetes, obesity, hypertension and other cardiovascular condition have raised interest in development of healthy foods and drinks that would nip these conditions in the bud. Herbal teas have gained acceptance as an effective preventive remedy for some of these conditions.

    Cassia Tora herbal tea

    Cassia Herbal Tea

    Cassia Tora herbal tea has been proved effective in the management of overweight conditions and promoting easier bowel movement. Cassia powder is boiled in hot water and syrup is extracted and used to make the cassia powder herbal tea. This tea is a good dietary supplement with lower amount of calories thus great for people who want to reduce weight.

    Medicinal Value of Cassia Tora

    The medicinal value of cassia Tora powder includes;

    • 1) The seeds of the cassia plant have great importance in Ayurvedic medicines used in treatment of snakebites, as well as an eyesight booster.
    • 2) Treatment of skin diseases such as ringworms and antibacterial activity:
    • 3) The cassia tora seeds are also great laxatives, and effective anthelmintics as well as blocked chest relievers.
    • 4) The presence of anthroquinones in the leaves of the plant made it useful in management of teething in children, fever and reducing constipation.
    • 5) The powder has special infusion action with alcohol to inhibit development of dangerous microbes such as staphylococcus, bacillus coli and typhoid causing bacteria’s.

    Medicinal Value of Cassia Tora

    Production of Cassia Tea Powder

    The cassia tea powder is a combination of the cassia tora powder and plant extracts. The endosperm of the seed is processed to a powder form. Mature seeds are also processed and used in the preparation of healthy teas.

    Cassia Powder Food in Fish Farming

    The high nutrient content of the cassia tora powder makes it also a good source of food for fish. The high protein percentage is good for fish development and eventually leads to rapid breeding of fish. The powder food is also cost effective compared to other commercial fish foods, which has made it the better alternative for profitable fish farming.

    Cassia Powder Packaging

    Special attention must be given during packing of the cassia powder due to the product characteristics. Contact with moisture may interfere with chemical properties of the product resulting in losses. Packaging is done in multilayered bags to prevent interference from the atmosphere. Some of the packaging sizes are from 800 kilo to 1000-kilo bags of HDPE material. Smaller packing sizes are also available such as the 25 kg bags. The size of the pack also depends on the customer requirements.


    Increases in health concerns have led to the emergence of natural health foods. Herbal teas, such as Cassia Tora syrup tea is recognized as a great health booster. Some of the medicinal properties of the Cassia Tora powder include treatment of skin diseases, laxative effects, as an expectorant and has strong antibacterial effects. Cassia powder is obtained from the endosperm of the seed of the cassia plant. The powder is also an effective fish food due to its high protein content.

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